The Ultimate 50

8. Bella Shaw

HOMETOWN: Unknown (somewhere in Austria)

BORN: unknown

PROFESSION: TV News anchor/reporter; infomercial host

HER BEST STYLE: Long, straight and sleek - reaching nearly halfway to her waist, yet with bangs that fight to stay on the forehead. Our background photo suggests she might occasionally tuck the hair closest to the eyes behind her ears for safety.

HISTORY: When we learned she hosted an infomercial for a health system called "Perfect Woman," we were not at all surprised. She moved to CNN from Oklahoma City with a good, strong head of "helmet hair." But once she came to cable, the style started growing - and while some complained it looked unprofessional and visually distracting for a news anchor, hair fans bit their lips and didn't object at all. When she moved to the Hollywood beat and "Showbiz Today," she had more freedom to wear long and lovely locks. Yet it stayed in line, even when dancing an occasional lambada.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: The winds of Oklahoma ruffled her cap quite a bit -- but amazingly, the long hair of the CNN years was much more secure. Either way, it's never collapsed in her eyes. We don't have a yardstick to measure, but we believe this is the longest style of any in the Ultimate 50's top ten.

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