The ultimate 50

30. Cheryl Burnett

HOMETOWN: Centralia, MO

BORN: 6/13/58

PROFESSION: College basketball coach

HER BEST STYLE: She's worn several well, but the strongest look is our background photo: a cap that falls to her neck in back, but is sizzled into position from the ears up. We suspect it was permed. The more recent photo on our "list" page has natural bangs and a "fun" frothy look, but it's a bit less risky.

HISTORY: When she played college ball years ago, she wore her hair straighter, looser and riskier - but with help from bangs, she kept it out of her eyes on the court. She's now a big winner on the bench at Southwest Missouri State. And this "grown-up" style is a winner because it's placed close enough to her eyes to be tempting; others such as Pat Head Summitt are too short to spark interest.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: This style has some risk to it, but it probably would take a three-overtime thriller to loosen the locked-down strands around the eyes. Sizzled cuts can electrify hair watchers to attention at times, but this "two-in-one" look is a bit too confusing to score higher.

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