The Ultimate 50

37. Mary Decker

HOMETOWN: Bunnvale, NJ

BORN: 8/4/58

PROFESSION: Track and field athlete

HER BEST STYLE: Our "list" photo on the preceding page shows what might be described as a modified wedge - with the hair scraping the shoulders, but with bangs cut to feather back and away from her eyes. As her career progressed, it became well-curled and a bit longer in the style of our background photo. You might need to click here to see it better.

HISTORY: Her hair is much like she was as an athlete in her prime - built to go the distance, no matter what the distance was. The style kept bouncing back, but never forward into danger of collapsing. Not even an infamous trip-up at the 1984 Summer Olympics put her cut in her eyes - though that probably was her closest call.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: Although the cut is risky, critics might consider it a bit too plain. After all, it was designed for efficiency more than contest-winning beauty. That hurt her, compared to others on our list.

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