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Oscar night 2017 was controversial, to say the least. Many people showed up with political statements to make, even projected on the screen if you muted your TV. The confsing ending was something only Steve Harvey could appreciate. But at least several women had hairstyles worth watching - and for one teenager, it was a breakout night. Auli'i Cravalho stepped away from the voice booth, and sang a tune from the animated movie Moana in person. And even though she got whacked on the head by a dancer's flagpole, she and her long waves endured to the end impressively. Hair Fans rewarded her, by voting her the best style of the Academy Awards.

Cravalho apparently grew on voters during our week-long poll. After a slow start, she climbed to the top and ended with 38 percent of the voters. That took the title away from Leslie Mann, who settled for second with 25 percent. Jennifer Aniston was third at 19 percent, despite one voter's complaint that she displayed the "same boring straight center parted hair." Actual Oscar winners brought up the rear in our contest, with Emma Stone at 13 percent and Viola Davis at six percent.


First she was known as a swimsuit model. Then she did some TV hosting. And at some point, she became a lip-syncing star. But these days, Chrissy Teigen has a friendly competitor for attention in her own household. She's the wife of singer John Legend - and hopefully he doesn't mind when she changes hairstyles. Teigen made a switch for the 2017 Grammy Awards, as her long beachy waves were trimmed to slightly below her shoulders.

Should Teigen have borrowed a line from one of her husband's hit songs, and taken this slowly? The answer from our voters seemed to be yes; 80 percent want the hair to stay longer (8-2). No one left a comment either way - which was surprising, because we expected someone to use the word "extensions" at some point.


Some celebrity hairstyles are legendary - in fact, so legendary that when a newcomer shows up and outshines them, it's an upset on the order of David defeating Goliath. That sort of thing happened at the 2017 Grammy Awards. You may have never heard of Camila Cabello - and to be honest, we were confused about how to spell her name. She came to fame with the "girl group" Fifth Harmony, but left in December to go solo. That's a smart move so far, because the singer of Bad Things had long hair good enough to be voted the best style of Grammy night.

What makes Cabello's win fascinating is that she's not quite 20 years old - yet she topped two women who are in our Hair Fan's Hall of Fame. A loyal fan base may have helped her win 41 percent of the vote, topping hardy perennial Carrie Underwood with 23 percent. "Not a fan of... Underwood's short hair. I had to vote for Faith Hill," one voter admitted. Hill was third with 18 percent, followed by Tori Kelly at 14 percent. And we think the five-percent "Other" went to Demi Lovato, who was praised by several people. "Did you see her?" one wrote. "Sure it was a wig [which we knew; that's why she wasn't on the ballot], but it shows what could be! Let it grow, Demi!" She hinted at it (gasp) nine years ago - but she seems content to keep changing.


Kaitlin Stansell is living her dream and doing it well. She's become a reporter and TV news anchor - and did it while staying in her home area of the Carolinas. Stansell also has described herself as "determined" and someone who "loves being challenged." She responded to the challenge of our Myrtle Beach City League contest with medium-long hair that was prepared well enough to win the title. But now Stansell has put a new challenge on herself, by changing styles. She admitted on Instagram a cut to shoulder-length is "the shortest I've ever gone" - perhaps with some added wave for control.

Is Stansell's short look growing on Hair Fans? Our voters were left undecided. A one-week poll ended with a flat-footed tie between her old and new styles (7-7). If wr broke the tie, we'd probably vote shorter. Stansell seems to have even better-prepared hair now - ready to take on any challenge to her local crown, and maybe even some beachside breezes.


Right photo courtesy Refinery 29.

When "awards season" arrives in Hollywood, celebrities can try out all kinds of styles. They could change designers from one show to the next. But how many change hair styles, and even colors? Sarah Paulson did - and the fact that she actually won awards made it more striking. Paulson's portrayal of prosecutor Marcia Clark in The People vs. O.J. Simpson brought her a Golden Globe, and she accepted with a blonde center-part which made our ballot for top style of the night. But when Paulson won a Screen Actors Guild award three weeks later, she showed up as a dark brunette with a "combover" side part - almost reenacting Clark's style change during the Simpson trial.

We asked Hair Fans about the color change, since that was the most obvious. One week of voting ended with a sharp divide: 40 percent for Paulson returning to blonde hair, 30 percent for staying brunette, and 30 percent for "another color" (one person suggested auburn-red). But for one voter, color was not the issue - "it's the style. Not a fan of the new one." Perhaps it's best for Paulson that the Oscars do not include TV series, because who knows what her hair might look like then.


"Can I assume you'll be reconsidering Alison Brie for a Crown Award?" the Hair Fan asked. That visitor had found a big change by an actress that our voters have made a style star. Brie's mid-length hair on the TV comedy Community launched her to five Crown Awards in two years (one a tie). But after she was nominated for two more Crowns in early 2017, she had her hair cut to what her stylist described as a "cute shag bob" and an "80s revival" - a cut that more than one commenter on Instagram declared "perfect."

Did Brie become tastier with our visitors? No, they responded with disappointment - as 65 percent preferred the old style in our week-long poll (11-6). "Total downgrade!" one exclaimed. "Yes it's a cuter cut, but the long flowing layered thick shiny girlie-girl hair was to die for!!" (We live for descriptions like that.) Another accepted bangs on Brie, but asked, "Why hack the length?" This apparently puts us in the minority, because we think Brie's thick hair is so perfectly cut that she almost dares you to try to muss it. This new look isn't dropping in her eyes, thanks to those bangs - and it looks like Brie could stop any attempt to defeat it with a shake back into precise position.


The news about Nina Dobrev struck us as strange. Not that she had a new movie; she's appeared in several. Not that she appeared at the Golden Globe Awards; that's what Hollywood stars tend to do. The surprise was that Dobrev changed her hairstyle after the Golden Globes - while many celebrities like to unveil new styles when Hair Fans are most likely to pay attention. The XXX: Return of Xander Cage actress took her classic long hair to a salon days after the show, and announced on social media: "New year, new Do(brev)."

Is the lob-length look an improvement for this woman? Our voters didn't think so, as 88 percent want the long hair back (7-1). "She could have at least brushed it after she got it cut," one voter commented. But then again, our "after" picture may have been moment-of-impact at the salon. But to be honest, we were not familiar with Dobrev until she made this cut - and after seeing the "before" pictures of her (especially with waves), we can understand the disappointment.


The Golden Globe Awards are presented by the "Hollywood Foreign Press Association". And in recent years, stars born outside the U.S. have done quite well when it comes to hairstyles. Italian-born Amy Adams was voted top style of the Globes in 2015 and 2016. And in 2017, the honor moved to India - as Bollywood actress and U.S. TV star won your votes for the best look of the night.

Chopra's hair on Quantico tends to be a confusion of lengths and styles. But medium-long with a hint of waves carried the day in Hollywood, as Chopra gained 40 percent in our one-week poll. She was followed by Carrie Underwood at 20 percent, still showing she has a following after that big trim. Kristen Bell gained third place at 15 percent - yet she tied with "other." One voter suggested Lea Michele there, even though anoher indicated she was part of a "bad hair" trend as women "pulled it back severely." Mandy Moore and Globe winner Sarah Paulson brought up the rear at five percent each. And for those of you who want us to bring up Meryl Streep.... sorry, she received no votes at all.


Right photo courtesy Us Magazine.

The calendar may have flipped to 2017, but some people still are coming to terms with the 2016 U.S. election. Actress Olivia Wilde appears to be one of them. She's been known for years for long inviting hairstyles. But after the votes for President were counted, a picture appeared on social media of Wilde chopping her hair to a bit below the shoulders. The cut caused less of a stir than her hashtag about it: "No more Melania hair" - as in Mrs. Trump, the first family Wilde campaigned against.

We usually don't play politics here, except for one Crown Awards category. So we simply asked you about Wilde's shorter look. Two-thirds of our voters want Wilde to stay longer (4-2) - but a lack of votes and comments may say something. It could say most Hair Fans didn't see much of a difference. Or it could say that they're waiting to see if Melania Trump displays as many 'dos as Michelle Obama.


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