Cutting-Edge Hair News, 2023


Do an image search for Claire Danes and you might get a surprise. The actress has adjusted her blonde hair slowly and successfully over several decades. It was below the shoulders and a dangerous sidepart during her years starring in the drama Homeland. That look won a vote here for the best hair of the 2012 Emmy Awards. In the miniseries Fleishman is in Trouble, Danes displays a shorter chin-length bob that's even more dangerous. Yet Hair Fans clearly still are impressed with her - because she took that shgorter style to the 2023 Golden Globe Awards and won the best hairstyle vote again.

Danes adjusted her mane as she presented an award, barely keeping it out of her left eye. That work paid off, as she won 56% of your votes in our five-day poll. The rest of the field clashed for second place: Angela Bassett, Ana Gasteyer and Michelle Yeoh tied with 11%. So did an "other" - and to our diappointment, Sparklit would not allow a comment to be left with that name. In fact, it apparently hadn't allowed comments for weeks. We're asking about that - and hoping our own comment gets through.


She may have the most admired set of bangs in fashion magazines today. Yet when it comes to our Hair Fans, Dakota Johnson might as well be in the middle of North Dakota. The actress and model never has been nominated for a Crown Award. Yet the cameras love her - perhaps all the way to the boundary line. Instagram photos in December showed Johnson no longer a typical brunette. In fact, the bangs were brushed back and a bit hard to spot. Johnson had turned what skeptics might call a "bump-it blonde."

Is Johnson's hair better on the brighter side? Our eight-day question turned into a struggle among our voters - but the blonde look prevailed with 63% support (5-3). We should note that the photo was for a movie Johnson is shooting called Daddio. How many Hair Fans wish they could be her dad, with rights to play with her hair all day long?


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