Hair Headlines: Fiber Moisturization Imbalance

NOTE: The following information was part of a "video news release" prepared for the launch of a company's new hair care products in early 2003. We've removed sections of the release which blatantly plug the product. If you'd like to know which product it is, e-mail us and we'll provide that information privately.

In the wake of the first deep freeze of 2003, dermatologists report a dramatic spike in the number of cases of the clinical condition known as fiber moisturization imbalance, which attacks the hair of half of all American women.

From dry hair in Denver to dull hair in Dallas; from "matte head" in Minneapolis to "hat head" in Hartford, doctors say this season's barrage of Arctic blasts are posing severe winter hair health hazards to women.

Dr. Marta Rendon, Associate Professor of Clinical Dermatology, University of Miami, says until now there has been minimal progress in treating fiber moisturization imbalance. However, she says today there is new hope for millions of women suffering from "bad hair days" everyday of the year.

"Fiber Moisturization Imbalance is a clinical condition that affects nearly 50 percent of all American women," Rendon said. "Fiber Moisturization imbalance is when the hair is either over moisturized or under moisturized. It's symptoms are dry, dull, brittle, unmanageable hair. What we found in our research with weightless moisturizers in.... products, is that it corrects the problem of Fiber Moisturization imbalance and it restores volume, vibrancy and moisture to the hair, without weighing the hair down.

"Infusing moisture into the hair has been very difficult until now," Rendon added. "What we have found in our clinical research with weightless moisturizers in.... products is that this formulation actually penetrates the hair cuticle and it helps restore the moisture and body that the hair needs.

"Moisturizing your hair all year long is very important, especially during the winter. The air outside is cold and dry, and when you go back inside, its hot inside. This creates a hair health hazard. Our clinical research with weightless moisturizers in.... products has shown that they actually restore the moisture that winter takes away from a women's hair, without weighing it down. The outcome is healthy beautiful hair."


* FMI strikes 50% of U.S. women of all hair types

* FMI occurs when hair is over-moisturized or under-moisturized; colored hair is highly susceptible

* Symptoms: flatness, limpness, dullness, dryness, unmanageable hair

* 50% say they switch hair care brands monthly

* 82% say shampoos and conditioners weigh down hair

* 70% say moisturizers are the most important ingredients; fruit and vegetable extracts and vitamins were deemed less important

* 50% have tried peanut butter, avocado, egg whites and mayonnaise to moisturize hair

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