The Ultimate 50

1. Judy Fortin


BORN: 10/7/61


HER BEST STYLE: Though she's trimmed it a lot in recent years, we're honoring the look in our background photo, from the early to mid-1990s: a sidepart reaching between the nape of her neck and her shoulders. Light bangs can drop on the forehead, but the power is in the thick, likely-sprayed layers around the right ear.

HISTORY: At its peak, when she was away from the Headline News anchor desk doing reports for CNN, this was a well-molded cap that refused to move. We recall one report from record 110-degree F. heat of Phoenix, where neither desert wind nor hot temperature made the sidepart droop.

The layers looked long and thick enough that they could fall in her eyes - but she displayed remarkably consistent hold. And she was smart enough to use protective measures when conditions called for it, such as pins or tiebacks. Although her hair looks thinner at times today, the basic style concept remains.

WHY SHE'S RANKED #1: Our Ultimate 50 considered three factors in search of The Ultimate Hairstyle: beauty of the style, risk of potential disaster, and holding strength. When we rated dozens of styles, the Top 4 all rated perfect in strength. But this style scored slightly higher on the "danger" scale, because she purposely wears it closer to the eyes. That combination of high-risk hold, and the fact that it's lasted on a national level for nearly a decade, gave her the slight edge. But we'd suggest the thicker look come back, because we consider that more eye-appealing.

(Background photo courtesy Bowdoin College)

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