The Ultimate 50

22. Linda Fratianne

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA

BORN: 8/2/60

PROFESSION: Figure skater, skating coach

HER BEST STYLE: We say it's the one in our background photo -- trimmed a bit below the ears in a thick sidepart that's a de facto pageboy. It's prepared to handle plenty of controlled movement, probably with plenty of hairspray for support. (Our background picture admittedly is a photocopy; if someone has a clearer photo or scan, we would appreciate seeing it.)

HISTORY: She settled for a silver medal at the 1980 Winter Olympics, but definitely earned the gold with hair fans. The style flowed with incredible accuracy across the ice; some bangs might flex down across the forehead on the toughest jumps, but they bounced back into line -- and the hair never really lost its soft look and shape.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: What's that you're screaming at the computer? "She's ranked above Dorothy Hamill? Above the wedge?!?!" Yes -- and we say it's time this underrated hair received the credit it's never had. She had a tough act to follow at the Lake Placid games, both athletically and stylistically. She responded with a cut every bit as strong as Hamill's, yet riskier - as the sidepart looked capable of falling in her eyes, but never did. That higher risk and extra toughness impressed us to rank her higher.

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