The Ultimate 50

25. Crystal Gayle

HOMETOWN: Paintsville, KY

BORN: 1/9/51

PROFESSION: Singer, gift shop owner

HER BEST STYLE: Long, longer, longest - stretching straight down her back and approaching her ankles au natural. She told a newspaper in 1999 she tries to keep her fast-growing hair about three inches off the ground. With no curls, and hardly ever tucked behind the ears, it seems to flow farther than some country streams. But she's careful enough to pin some front hair back behind her head for potentially troublesome situations.

HISTORY: People who say long hair can't be kept under control need to study this woman carefully. She modestly admits her hair should be thicker, and she tends to "lose it on buttons and doorknobs." But she's had years to practice keeping these extra-long locks in place - and she's done it remarkably well.

The head shakes and shoulder adjustments during concerts seem flawless. While she's had close calls (our background photo may be the toughest example), we can honestly say we've never seen her hair in her eyes - which, given its length, would seem practically impossible.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: This is the sort of high-risk style we love to see in action. Yet while the hold is strong, we'd probably place it higher if the hair was thicker. All in all, though, it's easily the longest head of hair to make our list.

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