The Ultimate 50

10. Gayle King

2006 Update

After denying curious rumors that she and Oprah Winfrey are more than friends, Gayle hopped in a car with Winfrey for an 11-day cross-country road trip during the summer of 2006. It was a wonderful opportunity to see her tough style face all sorts of real-life tests. It lasted well in the first couple of days....

.... but during one weekly update, there was this surprise in the studio. With a bit of curl added to her ends, aA bit of bang was dangling sideways at the right eyebrow -- incredibly close to defeat! Was this a sign of something to come? We sadly had to miss the week where King's hair was blown around seriously at the Kansas state line. Yet believe it or not, it was an indoor moment which proved King's undoing.

As she tried on clothes for church at a Tulsa, Oklahoma shopping mall, there was a brief (a bit blurry on our part) moment where a strip of bangs was in Gayle's right eye. Her "big adventure" had ended with a hair disaster -- and we're stunned a moment like this brought down a hairstyle which had lasted in public for so long. Yet Gayle remains a great example for women to follow, if they want a helmet-like "cap" cut.


2004 Update

Gayle has appeared in public much more in 2004. She co-hosted Oprah Winfrey's 50th birthday party. She went with Winfrey to the Academy Awards. And now Gayle could visit your town, with the "Wildest Dreams" bus. While the edges around her bangs can come close to falling....

we still haven't seen this style collapse to defeat. A bit of flip and heaviness at the tips helps with control -- but all in all, this is a veteran style which knows how to stay in line.

We didn't realize until recently that Gayle had a small role in the remade movie The Manchurian Candidate. You can look for her there on film, check this show business web site for premiere pictures, or follow her actions at the Oxygen site.


2002 Update

This is the only photo of Gayle we could find at the web site of "Oxygen," her cable TV channel - and it's admittedly surprising. She experimented with growing her hair out for awhile. It was quite a high-risk style, with even the part moving to the right. We never saw this style slip, but admittedly we didn't see it much.

When last we saw Gayle, she'd returned to her old look (shown here with Miss USA 2001). It's not only much safer and more secure, but we think looks better on her -- even if it does mean those regular trims.

If Gayle has a fan club, we couldn't find it. Your best hope for pictures may be to visit an open collection we found at Wireimage; if you're willing to pay a fee, you might find much more.

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