Rudi Bakhtiar

BORN: 6/21/66, Fresno, CA

INDUCTED: 2004, 76-percent majority

Some supporters call her the "Persian Princess," because she grew up in Iran. But the loss of the Shah in 1979 proved the gain of U.S. Hair Fans, as Rudi Bakhtiar returned with her family to her homeland and entered journalism. Her years at CNN Headline News have brought attention and admiration to a woman who's not afraid to experiment with different looks.

Super-Hair surveys have found most Hair Fans prefer Bakhtiar's styles on the shorter side. She can place strands daringly close to her eyes in the studio during newscasts, yet be confident they'll stay in position. Yet Bakhtiar also can appear outside with a loose style, as she's skilled at making small adjustments to keep her hair out of her eyes.

Bakhtiar gained fame in Super-Hair Wars during 2002, by finishing first in the regular-season standings. But she rose to legend status for the 2002 finals, an epic match in which she gave Bonnie Bernstein a serious test. While Bakhtiar lost, she gained more than 1,000 votes in two weeks -- a count only two other women previously reached. Bakhtiar's backers truly are numerous, and the beauty of her styles has to be a reason for it.

UPDATED - FOR MORE PICTURES OF HER STYLES: Bakhtiar's Instagram account


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