Brigitte Bardot

BORN: 7/28/34, Paris, France

INDUCTED: 2015, 76-percent majority

While the U.S. had Marilyn Monroe in the middle of the 20th century, France had Brigitte Bardot - a movie star who was attractive enough to keep the attention of many men. Her loose long hairstyles reflected the "mod" counter-culture times of the 1960s and 1970s, and helped her secure the title "sex kitten."

Exactly which look was Bardot's best during her movie career is open to Hair Fan debate. But this photo from 1968 put her hair on elegant display - a natural-looking medium-long style, with a slight bit of tucking behind the ears to keep the face clear. Bardot also used medium-long bangs to accomplish that goal.

Bardot has focused since the 1970s on European activism, especially with animal rights. Her styles are predominently pinned, yet still long enough to give Hair Fans a hint of what she displayed in her prime. Designers recognized the historic value by creating hairstyles imitating Bardot for a 2013 New York fashion show - styles that make Bardot the first European native to be part of this Hall.

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