Madhuri Dixit-Nene

BORN: 5/15/67, Mumbai, India

INDUCTED: 2019, 87-percent majority

When it comes to "Bollywood," Madhuri Dixit is a legend - famous for acting and dancing in movies during the 1990s, then expanding to singing with a 2019 album. A chain of salons in India says part of the reason for her success is "naturally bouncy curly hair." That formula makes her the first South Asian to enter this hall.

Before and after she became Dixit-Nene through marriage, she displayed often-loose hair in fast motion in films. One example is Aaja Nachle (or Come, Let's Dance in English) from 2007. A bounce or two into an eye in the title song was kept at a distance from the cameras, leaving viewers to wonder and admire.

Dixit-Nene has indicated she makes her own conditioners from food products, such as bananas and mayonnaise. She added in an interview that with the right combination of oils, "Your hair is ready to fight any weather." That kind of smart preparation has kept Dixit-Nene's hair at a top-quality level for decades, impressing Hair Fans around the world.

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