Crystal Gayle

BORN: 1/9/51, Paintsville, KY

INDUCTED: 2013, 79-percent majority

She rose to fame in country music as the younger sister of Loretta Lynn. But Crystal Gayle became even more of a mainstream singing star, through soft love songs and ballads. And she became a dream in the eyes of many Hair Fans, because she let hair grow out for years -- longer than any celebrity of her time, and long before extensions became an issue in hair discussions.

Gayle became a real-life Rapunzel, as her brunette hair practically reached the floor at times. She admitted to occasional difficulties going through doors. But she showed remarkable control with the hair during concerts and other public appearances, keeping it behind the shoulders and making skillful head adjustments when necessary. The only dangerous moments have come during windblown photo shoots for albums - and while a few pictures have shown dramatic close calls, we've found none with Gayle's hair in her eyes.

Gayle realizes her fans have come to expect long hair from her, so she's refused to cut it. But as her career progressed, she took more conservative approaches -- often using braids and pins for control. Yet Gayle's impressive career record which earned her a place in the Super-Hair Ultimate 50 remains. For many Hair Fans, she stands as the textbook definition of what long hair should be.


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