Katherine Ross

BORN: 1/29/40, Los Angeles, CA

INDUCTED: 2018, 68-percent majority

Katherine Ross was born in Hollywood, but had to return there for movie fame after growing up near San Francisco. While denying she was a "star," Hair Fans gave her top billing after seeing her in several movies during the 1960s and 1970s where her long locks were displayed and tested.

Ross kept her hair naturally straight in films such as The Legacy. The intrigue for Hair Fans was on two levels. Could she keep all that hair successfully in place behind her shoulders - then, failing that, out of her eyes? Ross didn't always succeed, yet that easy-looking approach seemed to spawn many long-haired imitators in high schools and colleges.

The director of The Stepford Wives seemed to play to that tress tension. One scene showed Ross carefully brushing her hair, allowing all the length and thickness to be on display.

Ross has appeared only occasionally on stage and screen during the 21st century. An appearance in late 2017 showed Ross maintaining much of the look that made her a legend. Hair Fans who grew up watching her likely still would be interested in pursuing her.


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