The Ultimate 50

45. Kathy Ireland

HOMETOWN: Glendale, CA

BORN: 3/8/63


HER BEST STYLE: Long and thick, parted slightly off-center and looking quite natural. Seems to prefer the straight and strong approach.

HISTORY: This hair has been worthy of her numerous Sports Illustrated covers, as it's kept a strong line for years on beaches that can be windy, humid places. (Being a hair fan, we didn't pay much attention to the swimsuits she wore.) If styles could be said to have "athleticism," hers would fit.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: While she's not afraid to let her style dangle close to her face, the heaviness of her hair may work against her - because it's fallen in her eyes on several occasions. You can find an example of one of those rare breakdowns at her web site.

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