The Ultimate 50

47. Julia Louis-Dreyfus


BORN: 1/13/61


HER BEST STYLE: Long with a natural curl. Sometimes she straightens it for special occasions; at other times it seems curl is added. A close look at our background picture indicates she teases her style, but she doesn't always do this.

HISTORY: She once referred to it as the "wall of hair." Quite appropriate, considering walls usually don't move - and her style hardly ever did on Seinfeld. At times it was pinned back week after week -- but she could bring it down with confidence, knowing Elaine's predicaments and pratfalls wouldn't cause much damage.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: She'd be at least in the top 20, except a couple of stray curls fell in Elaine's eyes on rare occasions. (Example: Elaine's first driving lesson.) There have also been a few photo shoots where she's let the hair sweep over an eye. Steamy.... but messy.

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