The Ultimate 50

5. Jennifer Grey


BORN: 3/22/60


HER BEST STYLE: One of the strongest, touch-tempting pageboys ever created - curling away from her right eye, as part of a probable perm that possessed incredible bounce, yet displayed a tough curl.

HISTORY: Nose, schmoze. It was another part of her head that made men go out of their head in the movie Dirty Dancing. The film supposedly was set in the 1960's, but this style is truly timeless - not to mention flawless. It flexed, swung and swayed through every routine Patrick Swayze could invent. And the curls were meaty enough to stay locked in place through a windy scene or two. Why didn't George Stephanopolous get serious with this woman?

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: More recently, with a shorter and flatter style..... well, It's Like - You Know.... not as awe-striking. But we're honoring a cut that was the best of both worlds - soft to the eyes, perhaps soft to the touch, but as hard to move out of position as some rocks. Yet there's one more fabulous head of Hollywood hair, that's still to come!

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