The Ultimate 50

29. Donna Kelley


BORN: 4/4/56


HER BEST STYLE: A softly-shaped helmet with good thickness and deeply-cut bangs. At its best, it's rounded at the ends as if with a curling iron. We personally prefer her bangs to completely cover the forehead, as opposed to our photo.

HISTORY: She's adjusted the length of her hair during her career at CNN, from the chin to the shoulders. But the basic timeless style has seldom changed -- holding strongly on the anchor desk for hours at a time, but seemingly ready to bounce into position if she has to move.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: We'd love to see this hair outside in the elements. Would a breezy day toss these bangs around? Would the long hair fly toward the eyes, or hold helmet hard? Until that challenge comes, we give her the benefit of the doubt - but without that sort of test, it's hard to rank her higher.

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