The Ultimate 50

26. Shelley Long

HOMETOWN: Fort Wayne, IN

BORN: 8/23/49


HER BEST STYLE: The one that brought her plenty of tips on Cheers. It bounces off the shoulders with power-packed, possibly permed curl - either one full curl in a ball on each side, or with multiple fluffiness as our photo shows. Bangs hold solidly, either on the forehead or brushed to the side.

HISTORY: One fan's web site put this cut well: "peerless perfection." Why her style didn't become a national trend during the 80's is a mystery to hair fans - not to mention a disappointment. It was crafted with care, much as the brainy Diane Chambers might have done for her TV role. It was full and invited touching, yet so sturdy that it hardly ever approached the "bar" of danger. A modified, less rigid style moved around a bit more in several movie comedies - but still never caved in.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: She's near the top of a group of seven cuts, that all rate about the same in our book. It's a somewhat risky, attractive style that refuses to move - but some really risky, attractive styles that refuse to move are still ahead.

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