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36. Lynne Russell

2020 Update

Lynne resurrected her blog in 2019, to promote her latest crime novel. She posted numerous photos of her public appearances in Atlanta. This one shows her hair still in good shape - a good bit of body, with hidden bangs helping to keep the style out of her face.

You can check more current photos (some of them extra-large) on a Facebook page dedicated to her books. What we did not find are any pictures of her hair defeated. Lynne told us years ago that it happened - but as her detective character PJ Santini might say, the evidence is as buried as a wine vault in the basement.


2018 Update

She makes occasional speaking appearances in the U.S. these days. But beyond that, Russell seems to have settled into retirement in her seventies - including plenty of travel to Europe. This picture with her husband from the summer of 2018 shows she has micro-bangs atop the forehead. But otherwise, her hair is still red - and as long as we can remember her ever having it.

That picture comes from Russell's Facebook account. She's most likely to put new pictures of herself there. We've followed Russell on Twitter for years, but the updates there are less frequent. She certainly hasn't posted anything showing her great hair defeated. Will it ever happen?


2016 Update

We nearly lost Lynne in June 2015, when a gunman attacked her in a New Mexico motel room. Security video shows her being pushed into a room, then coming out after she and her husband are shot and the attacker is killed. Throughout the video, a rather blurry Russell has medium-long hair that stays in line despite a breezeway. You simply don't mess with some heads of Super-Hair!

Lynne and her husband appeared on ABC months later for an emotional interview, after he left the hospital. Pictures showed her with bangs, as she makes sure the hair doesn't fall. While she's told us the hair has dropped, the pictures to prove it still aren't there - not even under fire.


2014 Update

Lynne's whereabouts are a bit mysterious these days. Facebook shows her living in Italy. Twitter puts her in Toronto or Washington. LinkedIn shows her current career choice as a novelist. But we know she's engaged, as she revealed that in late 2013. And this Facebook photo from early 2013 seems to be the most current public one of her. It's a very long look for her, and perhaps a bit messy as she's outdoors in Italy - but the hair is well-positioned, and we think a strong breeze would be needed to bring it down.

Here's hoping Lynne doesn't disappear completely. In fact, she's overdue for another detective novel.


2012 Update

Lynne remains in Canada, where her career path has taken yet another turn. In 2011 she was named "Storyteller-in-Residence" at Toronto's Centennial College -- and the title turns out to involve more than news stories. She's now published a novel about a reporter/detective, with plans to make it a series. The first cover includes this photo, with Lynne's hair in the medium-long range again. But there are short layers around the eyes -- although not short enough to keep the style out of her face.

Lynne still visits the U.S. frequently. She hosted an Atlanta awards show for the carpet industry (yes, it also has awards shows) early in 2012. This vid-cap from a promotional clip shows Lynne continues to prefer wavy looks -- this one with all the long hair pulled in front of her left shoulder. While the show had dancers, she apparently did not put her Super-Hair at risk trying any moves.

What might Lynne do next? Thankfully, she's set up a blog hub for all her activities -- including her own Twitter feed and YouTube channel. Maybe you'll find that moment when her hair collapses. If you do, tell us - because we still haven't.


2010 Update

Lynne has two jobs in Toronto these days. She sells houses during the week, with this photo on her realty web site. There's not much change to her basic hairstyle there. She also hosts a two-hour Saturday afternoon radio talk show.

It was Lynne's car which prompted an article and photo spread during 2009 in one of Canada's largest newspapers. Don't worry - this is a posed picture of Russell ogling the hood. The car is parked, as are waves on the left side of her head.

The photo gallery indicates conditions were a bit breezy. But Lynne displays "bangs of last resort" on the forehead at one point. There seems to be a bit of teasing at the crown as well. While Russell once told us her hair falls in her eyes when she drives, the pictorial evidence to prove it remains missing. Not bad, for a woman now well above age 60.


2008 Update

In mid-decade, a new love entered Lynne's life - and the couple moved to Toronto. She worked part time as a news anchor for CBC Newsworld. This vid-cap is from a live interview still posted online. We searched for her name at the network's web site to find it, and found healthy-looking shoulder-length hair with hints of bangs and subtle curls.

But in early February, Lynne revealed to the National Post newspaper her part-time job there "didn't work out." She's now selling real estate in suburban Toronto - adding to an amazingly varied resume. So if you live or vacation there, check the housing brochures carefully. Lynne might even serve you cookies and juice.


2006 Update

Lynne's web site hasn't been updated in a long time -- but that's because she now has an unusual new business. She creates and weaves lampshades, which are on sale at an Atanta boutique! Lynne poses with some shades there, and her still-attractive shoulder-length style. If you want to see her hair nowadays, you may have to make a special trip to do some shopping.


2004 Update

In a 2002 interview with Super-Hair, Lynne said her hair does get in her eyes when she's driving. But we haven't found any pictures to prove that, so we're still giving her the benefit of the doubt. This picture from an Atlanta radio station shows the hair still looks good (and has a bit of bangs), even when she dresses down.

You have to happen upon Lynne at a public appearance to admire her style these days. But for a taste of how it looked in her TV prime of the 1990's, try one fan's online tribute.


2002 Update

She's still "lovely Lynne" about one year after walking away from evening TV news. Now that she has her own web site which she updates often, she can show some of her current projects -- such as, apparently, riding on motorcycles such as this one. With great hair like this, we'd root against helmet laws.

She's trimmed the style to what we consider her best length: just a nudge below shoulder length, showing plenty of attractive curls. There's also a protective set of bangs, which can appear in tight situations. Will some network please make this woman an offer - maybe for part-time work?

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