Hair Headlines: What Men Want

The following is the partial text of an Ann Kellan report for CNN which aired in October 2003. The issue: when it comes to sex appeal, what color and length of hair do you prefer in the opposite sex?

Blondes may have more fun, but men, so it seems, prefer brunettes.

According to an informal study conducted by a graduate student at Florida State University, Panama City, only a small percent of men surveyed preferred blondes.

Both sexes overwhelmingly like darker hair on their partner.

(Unknown person speaking) "They prefer blondes for a moment and brunettes for a lifetime."

As far as sex appeal, does length of a person's hair make a difference? Men in the study were asked to rate women based on (several) pictures. Three of the pictures were actually the same woman with different hair lengths. They rated the long-haired version most attractive.

While this study doesn't reflect a cross section of society, it did raise questions researchers hope to study. Could it be that long hair throughout history has been a sign of a woman's fertility? Or is long hair just fad of the times?

Keri Russell's "Felicity" lost fans when she chopped her locks... and Julia Roberts's "Tinkerbell" did not ring up high sales at the box office.

Ladies, before you grow out your hair, or reach for the dye, you may want to remember -- this study only included 126 people in a specific geographic area. And let's face it, attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder.

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