The Ultimate 50

2. Carolyn Peck

HOMETOWN: Jefferson City, TN

BORN: 1/22/66

PROFESSION: Basketball coach

HER BEST STYLE: A shoulder-length side-part that looks natural, loose and free. Seems to have hidden, combed-back bangs that come out when necessary. (We suspect she sprays it for hold, but we have yet to check.)

HISTORY: We never noticed her when she played college ball at Vanderbilt - but we jumped to attention when she coached Purdue to the NCAA women's title in 1999. For the first time, there stood a coach so stunningly attractive that we ignored the cheerleaders. And her hair is a key ingredient in that attractiveness - scarcely moving when games get close and tough. It looks like it should fall early and often, but it seems nothing can make it budge. It's still at its best now, with the WNBA Orlando Miracle.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: Soft look. Quite strong hold. Excellent balance in placement. We want to touch this style, even if it risks a personal foul - yet we have this feeling that even if we tried to pull the hair forward, it would stay locked in position. We declare this the Ultimate in mid-length beautiful hair.

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