The Ultimate 50

42. Julianne Phillips

HOMETOWN: Evanston, IL

BORN: 5/13/60

PROFESSION: Model, actress

HER BEST STYLE: Thick and course with plenty of bangs, at lengths varying between the neck and shoulder. Can take a curl well, whether in ringlets or full waves.

HISTORY: Hair fans have never quite understood why Bruce Springsteen ditched this woman. Her style always looks like it's one wrong turn from serious trouble - but her bangs are thick and strong enough so that they survived the series Sisters virtually unscathed.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: When we first drew up this list, she was in our Top 20. But then we went web-surfing, and found a steamy picture with her well-curled hair fallen over one eye. She's enticing enough, without resorting to that.

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