February 2016: Knoxville City League Champ/Tennessee Volleyball Star Claudia Coco

Our B.M.O.C. section was created on the idea that Super-Hair exists and thrives on college campuses, if you know where to look. Time has proven that to be accurate, especially when it comes to student-athletes. Some of them take special care to make sure their styles are in top shape, whether in the classroom or in other activities.

CLAUDIA COCO is proving to be one such woman. She turned high school volleyball success in metro Atlanta into a college scholarship at Tennessee. As we post this, she's a sophomore majoring in "journalism and electronic media." And it was a short video interview with her for the volleyball team which caught our attention during her freshman year. Even though Coco set a national high school record for "digs" leaving her arms and knees a bit messy, she makes up for it with attractive blonde waves - and Hair Fans agreed, naming her Knoxville City League champion in April 2015.

Coco did a sophomore-year photo shoot with hair we considered even more attractive, as if she's trying out for a pageant. We were honored to receive exclusive pictures, which we're thrilled to unveil here. Since Coco is a budding broadcaster who admittedly wants to follow in the footsteps of Erin Andrews, we wanted to know more - and she replied to some email questions we sent her:

SUPER-HAIR: How would you describe your hair and your current style?

CLAUDIA COCO: My [hair] is wild and crazy curly, but I like to curl it and nothing is wrong with big hair! Iím from the south; it's perfectly accethptable to have big hair - the higher the hair the closer to God! I would describe my style as preppy and classic.

S-H: What do you like most about your hair? (Is there anything you dislike about it?)

CC: I love the fact that my hair is curly and that I can just roll out of bed and wear it that way. It also styles super easily.

S-H: The pictures you sent us via Twitter look like your hair is a bit shorter now than it was when you started at Tennessee (such as in the volleyball profile video). Have you cut it, or are we seeing things?

CC: I cut off 4 inches this past summer because it was starting to get unhealthy. Itís growing back out now and it also was super teased so that does make a little bit of a difference.

S-H: We found some pictures online that indicated you had straight hair in high school, as opposed to the waves and curls. Which style is truly "you?"

CC: I would straighten my hair in high school because it was fast and easy. I love to wear my hair curly now because it fits my personality better. Curls are more fun and classic looking.

S-H: Do you use any special products (spray, gel, etc.) to keep your hair looking sharp?

CC: Hair spray is a girlís best friend.

S-H: What's the biggest challenge you face, in keeping your hair in place?

CC: I mean it kind of does whatever it wants, but hair spray does the trick.

S-H: It's understandable that you tie your hair back when you're playing volleyball. But do matches still take a toll on your hair - and if so, in what way?

CC: I donít think it effects anything really. I just donít like pulling it back.

S-H: Back to those Twitter pictures. If we (or anyone) reached for those waves, what would happen?

CC: I donít really care about people touching my hair! I always play with my friendís hair. It was so hair sprayed in that picture it probably wouldnít have done anything.

S-H: We couldn't find any pictures with your hair down across your eyes. Does that ever happen - and if it does, how did it happen?

CC: It never happens. I donít have bangs. My hair has a lot of body so it pretty much stays up and out of my face.

S-H: What advice would you give someone who wanted to develop Super-Hair, especially for college and sports?

CC: Take care of it and keep it healthy! Donít be stubborn around your hair dresser! Let them cut your hair.

S-H: Who would you consider to have the best head of hair youíve seen -- at Tennessee or otherwise?

CC: I honestly donít know! I have a thing for redheads. Like Amy Adams and Isla Fisher have beautiful heads of hair. Everyone brings something different to the table!

S-H: You vs. Erin Andrews - both with hair at its best. Who wins a Super-Hair War, and why?

CC: Well she is my idol so I am always going to put her first, but I liked her hair longer better. It isnít for me to decide! I love her and admire her career so I canít give you a straight answer!

CONCLUSION: Talk about an outstanding hair combination: Body plus natural curl plus occasional teasing plus strong spray. Even when the last element seems missing, Claudia knows how to use the others to keep beautiful yet muscular hair control. And she made the Southeastern Conference academic honor roll, so we give her credit for "hair smarts" as well.

We also want to mention another potentially-overlooked factor: her mother Jill, who also has very long blonde hair. We believe in "hair genetics." But with all due respect, the daughter has taken it to the next impressive Super-Hair level. And she's even daring Hair Fans to get their hands on it! If this is Erin Andrews's successor, may we see more of her on TV - quickly.

Special thanks to VFL Films for several of our vidcap photos.


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