May 2008: A&E's Tanya Memme

The growth of cable and satellite TV channels has given public exposure to a lot of great hair which otherwise would be hard to find. People who come to our web site often focus on the news channels. But other Hair Fans grab their remotes, scan around the dial and make discoveries in other places.

TANYA MEMME was one such find, brought to our attention by a Hair Fan who saw her on the A&E Channel. She hosts the program Sell This House, and has been involved in other projects ranging from acting to singing. But the person who suggested her expressed concern about a recent cut from a long flowing style, and wanted us to get to the bottom of it. So we e-mailed Tanya, and she was more than happy to answer our online questions:

SUPER-HAIR: How would you describe your hair -- your current cut and style?

TANYA MEMME: My current cut is about an inch and a half above the shoulders, layered throughout but mainly near the bottom, no bangs. It's a wash and go hair, or when curled can give the highly coveted Marilyn Monroe hair! Its style is fun and easy, but when curled properly it's classy and sexy.

S-H: It looks like your hair is naturally wavy. Is that true? Would you prefer it straight or wavy, given a choice?

TM: I actually have naturally straight hair, but if I blow-dry my hair with it upside down (and I don't mean hanging from my feet) I can get a slight wave. BUT I must admit if I don't use the right product, my hair will end up straight in a few hours.

If I had a choice, I would love to have the hair both of my brothers (Michael and Jeremy) have......the waves that are JUST PERFECT! I have always been envious!

S-H: The Hair Fan who brought us to your attention said you made a recent cut, from the Rob Fortunato photo shoot [left]. When did you make the cut, and why?

TM: I had my hair cut short for the first time in a very long time about a week before his shoot. Rob is one of the most talented photographers I have worked with, and I love the look he gave me in the photo shoot. Something VERY different to how most people see me. Most people know me as the Host of Sell This House, fun spunky girl next door. I have a very dramatic side to me as well, which was captured in these photos with my new hair cut.

I decided to cut my hair because I wanted a different look. Something more hip and new. There are too many hosts on TV with long layered hair, and I wanted to be different than what I thought was the usual.

S-H: What's the longest you've ever had your hair? Do you find long hair or short hair easier to maintain?

TM: Not long ago I had my hair VERY long, more than half way down my back. I LOVED it, and it was easy to maintain because it was straight. It's when I put in all the layers that things got a little complicated to maintain.

I think long hair is easier to maintain overall because with short hair (or at least with mine), it always looks better styled with a lot of product instead of wash and go! Often on Sell This House I don't have time to style it, so it really never looks as good as it does when I go out to events in the evening. When I had long hair, I would blow-dry it, brush it through, and right away twist my hair into a bun on top of my head and let it sit while I did my makeup.... then after a while let it down and PRESTO!!! Instant perfect curls!

S-H: What do you like most about your hair? Is there anything you dislike about it?

TM: I like the shine my hair has, and I like the color of my hair. I have always loved being a brunette. I would love to have MORE HAIR!! WHAT WOMAN WOULDN'T??

S-H: Some pictures show you wear your hair very close to your right eye. What's the biggest challenge you face keeping your hair in place, and looking good?

TM: YES!! I do like to wear my hair that way because I think its sexy, and frames my face better. The biggest challenge is exactly that....keeping my hair in place and looking good. My hair is very thin BUT I have a LOT of it, so layers always seem to work best, but keeping the volume and wave is my biggest challenge. That's why I am on the constant search for the best products!!

I use a product that my MOM discovered for me in Canada! I am from Canada and my whole family lives there, so I travel back and forth when I can. My mom taught me that no matter how little money you have, ALWAYS buy the BEST hair and face products!! She introduced me to this product called "BLOW". It's from a salon in St. Catharines, Ontario called "Valvano Salon" .... I am totally hooked on their Volumizing Spray and Mousse, as well as the Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. The products are all made by the owner of the Salon, and you can tell a lot of TLC went into this line. When my mom asked what I wanted for Christmas last year I said I want nothing but a basket of BLOW PRODUCT!!! I am very picky about what I put in my hair, and this line is really amazing!

S-H: What sort of routine do you go through, to get your hair ready for a day of filming? Does your show have a staff hairstylist who assists you?

TM: On all other shows/movies I have acted in or hosted, I have always had a hair stylist and a make-up artist and sometimes a whole team of people. BUT for Sell This House I do it all on my own!

I must admit, though, I don't like to do it on my own, because I look a million times better when Julie Prey does it (one of my favorite stylists who did my hair for the Emmys and a few other events last year). But on Sell This House there's just no time, room or atmosphere for a team of stylists. It's a very real, down-to-earth show, and quite honestly, sometimes I barely do anything with my hair or my make-up on the show; it all depends on what look I'm in the mood for that day.

S-H: Has your hair even fallen in your eyes -- on TV or otherwise? To borrow from your blog, do you face a "constant battle" to keep your hair in position?

TM: Many scenes on Sell This House are often shot outside, so I am always battling my hair against the breeze or wind. Luckily, I'm not too bothered if my hair doesn't look perfect all the time; I don't mind showing the human side to life, even on TV! I am a very easy-going person, even with my hair.

Sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it's a bad thing. Especially when I finally get the chance to watch my show, and see my hair as a sore thumb in a scene!!

S-H: What advice would you give women who wanted to copy your style, care for long waves, or develop Super-Hair in general?

TM: I would say it's all about the hairdresser and the product!! BUY GOOD PRODUCT ONLY IN SALONS!! I would never buy hair product in a drugstore. If you buy it in a salon, you'll get what you need for YOUR hair type and a better quality product! ALSO, if you have a favorite product, change it up after a while and then go back to it. I notice my hair gets used to a product if I use it all the time, and becomes a bit limp and hard to style. I usually have TWO different lines of product going at any given time to keep my hair fresh and bouncy-looking.

ALSO EAT PROPERLY! I notice when I eat healthy, my hair is healthy! I would also stay away from processing your hair too often with chemicals. When I color my hair, I ALWAYS use the kind that washes out after so many washes. NO AMMONIA! Of course until I have to battle the GRAY situation!

S-H: We like to ask women we interview: who do you consider to have the best head of hair you've ever seen? On TV, or anywhere?

TM: I think Beyonce' has the most AMAZING hair!! (Aside from all the gorgeous hair women have in the hair commercials.) It's so full, and thick and gorgeous at all times!! Who knows if it's totally real, but it sure looks it!! Either way WHO CARES, it looks incredible!

JUNE 2008 UPDATE: Tanya's answers led us to ask a couple of "follow-up" questions -- and when her busy schedule permitted, she answered them:

S-H: About those "instant perfect curls" you mentioned -- how long would those perfect curls last? How many hours -- or days???

TM: As long as I put product in my hair when its wet and spray it when it's in a bun, it will last for most of the day, but not much longer than that.

S-H: You mentioned having "two different lines of product" going on some occasions. Are both these lines "BLOW" products -- or is one from another company?

TM: I would say that Blow is the brand I use most, but after a few weeks I like to change it up a bit for a few days so my hair doesn't get used to it. I also like to use Frederick Fakkai as well, and every once and a while I use Bumble and Bumble Seaweed Shampoo to strip my hair of residue from shampoos, conditioners and hair products. It's all good stuff!

SUMMARY: She may not keep her hair perfect all the time, but Tanya obviously knows enough to care about her hair's quality. Her ideas about nutrition and "change-ups" in products were especially eye-opening to us. From what we've seen online, Tanya's shorter wavy look can be a mix of "down-to-earth" fun and risky hold. That will "close the deal" for us in a hurry - and we don't mean houses.

(Note: Special thanks to Tanya and "The Bob and Tom Show" for providing some of our pictures.)


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