May 2020: Dayna Roselli, Las Vegas City League Champion

Las Vegas has a reputation for bright lights and glamorous stars. But have you considered the "regulars" who live there, day by day? They don't have shows on the strip, yet they need to have their hairstyles looking good in public - and in a place where summer heat always gets above 100 degrees F.

DAYNA ROSELLI is an example. She's anchored newscasts at several Las Vegas TV and radio stations, blogging about star-studded events at other times. The local newspaper once called her a "TV hottie." But now she's a businesswoman, co-founding the public relations firm Insightful Media with a podcast called Vegas Revealed..

Roselli proved she has plenty of Hair Fans by winning our Las Vegas City League title in 2012 with a short sidepart. These days, it's below the shoulders with some tempting flex. When she wrote on Twitter about the joys of growing older, she included a steamy "motion" picture of her current style. One thing led to another - and before you know it, Roselli agreed to answer some email questions:

SUPER-HAIR: What do you like most about your hair? (Is there anything you dislike about it?)

DAYNA ROSELLI: I like that it's thick. I used to hate it, but as I get older so many people say how lucky I am, and many people also struggle with hair loss, so I feel lucky to have thick hair now, and I embrace it! I do dislike that it's difficult to get super straight. That takes work!

S-H: We know you've displayed different hair lengths over the years. What's the shortest or longest you've ever gone?

DR: I have gone to the chin in front and a little shorter than that in the back.

S-H: You've been on and off Las Vegas TV several times in the last 10 years. Does that make a difference in what sort of hairstyle you have?

DR: I actually have only been off TV once in my 15 years here. I recently left as well, but I still do on-air work. I would say, I definitely grow it during those times. I take advantage of having length, because then I can pull it up or curl it when it's longer. More options! I have A LOT of hair, so it's easier to manage and less distracting when it's shorter for TV, I usually keep it shoulder length for TV. I've tried it longer, and it's just too much hair for the camera! haha

S-H: Please fill us in on that Twitter picture [left], which brought the comment about "natural bounce" (and led to these questions). How did you get your hair to look that marvelous?

DR: I have a lot of hair, so what I do to make it bounce is this: I don't use hairspray. I wash, dry, then curl some pieces with an iron, and just let it fall. It creates automatic bounce. Here's the big secret, and it's been a game changer... the REVLON ONE-STEP VOLUMIZER HAIR DRYER. It's amazing. It cuts down on dry time, it straightens my naturally wavy hair without having to use a straightener after, and it creates major bounce, like you just left the salon!

S-H: Do you use any special products (spray, gel, etc.) to keep your hair looking sharp?

DR: I don't use much. But, I do use Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum before every blow dry.

S-H: You grew up in New York state, and no doubt worked in several locations before arriving in Las Vegas. Which city has been the most challenging for your hair, and why?

DR: Any city in New York was challenging because of the humidity. My hair is big. Living there, I had to work hard to control it. In Las Vegas, it's dry, so it's much easier to control and doesn't get bigger as the day goes on, like it did in New York. Plus, it hardly rains here, so I don't have to deal with the elements. My hair is definitely drier here, so I have to make sure to leave the conditioner in for a bit when in the shower.

S-H: In general, what's the biggest challenge you face, in keeping your hair in place?

DR: I have a lot of natural waves, so if I want it straight, I have a few areas that takes some work. They like to flip the other way naturally. I also have fly aways on top, because I work out a lot, so pulling my hair back creates some breakage. I am more careful about that now. I brush it back neatly and wet it first sometimes, so it stays. If not, the ponytail or bun falls out because my hair is so heavy, then I end up pulling it back quickly during a workout class, several times, and that causes it to break a bit up top.

S-H: What would you say was the best hair day you've ever had.... and the worst?

DR: I really don't know. I can't think of either. I know when my hair gets longer, I always love it after a good blow out.

S-H: What advice would you give someone who wanted to develop Super-Hair, such as the styles you're showing these days?

DR: I think, use less product. Don't over do the hairspray, also, I love a good silk pillowcase to keep the style and shine!

S-H: Who would you consider to have the best head of hair you’ve seen -- in Las Vegas or otherwise?

DR: My friend and former co-worker, Megan Telles. Her hair is gorgeous! I've always admired it. She's now a TV Reporter in LA at KTLA and of course we keep in touch on social media etc... I am always admiring her hair in all of her photos. She's great at styling it too.

CONCLUSION: Thick hair usually impresses us. Thick with natural waves? That's a winning parlay for many Hair Fans, whether they're in Nevada or not. Dayna has shown she can keep her hair in marvelous shape - whether shorter or longer, wavy or straight. It puzzles us that two TV stations let these great styles get away. We hope Dayna doesn't let down her style skills - and does turn that podcast into something like a Vegas vlog.


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