July 2011: Nicole Lapin of CNBC

Is it simply the hair which grabs a Hair Fan's attention - or does something else have to impress along with it? Some women who might consider themselves ordinary in terms of hair can sell us in other ways. In some cases, a great smile can make a difference. Take one favorite of Hair Fans, who has promoted herself online as a "Smile Ambassador"....

NICOLE LAPIN came to our attention through her updates with CNN Interactive, then segments with sister network HLN. These days she's an early riser, anchoring CNBC's business news before the opening bell in London (much less New York). Wherever she goes, Hair Fans seem to notice -- and we considered it a compliment when Lapin noticed us, e-mailing a set of current photos (included throughout this interview).

So what's changed with Lapin's locks over the years, if anything? It wasn't immediately clear to us -- but thankfully, Lapin was willing to tell all. We exchanged messages, to learn what makes her medium-long hair so good.

SUPER-HAIR: How would you describe your current hairstyle? How long have you had it this way?

NICOLE LAPIN: I'm currently rocking long, wavy hair - California Chic. I've had it this way for about a year.

S-H: We can tell from the pictures we've seen online that you like to add rolls of curl to your hair. But is your hair naturally straight, or on the wavy side?

NL: My hair is naturally wavy.

S-H: Have you ever tried a short style? If so, what was your experience with it?

NL: The shortest I've gone is shoulder-length - but it felt a lot shorter! I missed having long hair, and being able to style it a million different ways.

S-H: You worked around great heads of hair at Headline News; Robin Meade and Christi Paul come to mind. Did you ever have hair discussions? And did they reveal any of their style secrets to you?

NL: We talked about a lot of things, but I don't recall hair being one of them. News anchors don't share their style secrets, anyway!

S-H: Of course, CNBC also has some outstanding styles. Have you had hair discussions with any other anchors there?

NL: My London co-anchor Ross Westgate and I joke a lot about bed-head - when you go on air at 4:00am, it's an occupational hazard.

S-H: What sort of routine do you go through, to get your hair ready for the day -- or for a TV appearance?

NL: Wash and condition - then (thankfully) I have an awesome hair/makeup team that gets it looking camera ready.

S-H: Are there any other favorite or special products you rely on?

NL: Tres Semme extra hold mini hairsprays - I keep them in my bag wherever I go!

S-H: What's the biggest challenge you face keeping your hair in place and looking good?

NL: Sleep deprivation.

S-H: Has your hair ever collapsed in your face (on camera or off) -- and if so, how?

NL: No…that's what super strong hairspray is for. And if I'm reporting in terrible weather (like when I reported live after terrible hurricanes in Georgia) I wear a hat.

S-H: What advice would you give women who wanted to copy your curls, or develop Super-Hair in general?

NL: Confidence is sexier than any hairstyle.

(NOTE: We submitted two follow-up questions to Nicole, after receiving these answers. We will post her answers once we receive them.)

SUMMARY: Despite what Nicole claims, we've found a couple of photos where her hair leaned in and practically covered an eye. The picture above is disputable - either a close drop, or the narrowest of Super-Hair escapes. Even though there's a flip for support at the right cheekbone, a right-to-left wind would put it under intense pressure to hold. So yes, she needs confidence in her preparation.

How interesting for Nicole to admit news anchors "don't share their style secrets." This actually is part of the reason why this site is called Super-Hair -- as women with exceptionally perfect styles never reveal their secrets, lest they give away a flaw or weakness which could be used to bring them down. In fact, perhaps we did well to get as much information from Nicole as we've posted here. Hair Fans are welcome to keep admiring her hair -- and wondering as they do.


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