September 2020 (Updated 2022): Colorado journalist Kristen Skovira

Few places have a seasonal contrast quite like the U.S. Rocky Mountains. Winters can be cold and snowy. Summers can be borderline-hot. And the wrong gust of mountain wind can leave any hairstyle in ruins. But some women have found ways to handle it all....

KRISTEN SKOVIRA grew up in Colorado, and her mom was a weather forecaster on Denver television. She followed along to become a TV reporter - working not only in Denver and Cheyenne, Wyoming, but in flatter places such as Fort Myers, Florida and Nashville.

After becoming a news anchor in Colorado Springs, Skovira became a 2020 Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion. Despite losing that job, she propelled from there to be voted #1 hairstyle in the world in an August 2020 Top Ten Tresses poll. While she awaited a new job (eventually hired in Idaho, left), Skovira had plenty of time to answer questions we sent by email:

SUPER-HAIR: How would you describe your hair and your current style?

KRISTEN SKOVIRA: My hair is rather wavy, but appears straight once I blow it dry. I almost always wear it long with a few layers and this is pretty close to my natural color, although I highlight the crown.

SUPER-HAIR: What do you like most about your hair? (Is there anything you dislike about it?)

KS: My hair holds curls easily and it has natural volume which is a lot of fun to play with. I usually go to bed with it wet and by morning it has a mind of its own - even so - I can usually turn it into something work appropriate!

S-H: Almost all the clips we've seen of you show hair on the long side. What's the shortest or longest you've ever gone?

KS: Once during high school I cut it really short (think Meg Ryan in the 2000s) and I immediately missed my ponytail. There were definitely tears!

S-H: What did you think when you realized our Hair Fans had voted you the best hair in the world? (At least among our Top Ten Tresses)

KS: Wow! There's a lot of pretty hair out there, so I am humbled by the recognition!

S-H: Your background is in the Rockies - but you spent two years in Nashville. What sort of hair adjustments have you made for different climates and altitudes?

KS: I always say, you can never have a bad hair day in Colorado. There's so little humidity! In both Nashville and Ft. Myers, I used to carry a curling iron in my reporter bag and quickly curl the front before live-shots or studio hits. Hairspray is a must.

S-H: We realize most TV anchors such as yourself have to prepare your own hair, especially for the morning news. What was your routine at KRDO in getting your style ready for the set?

KS: I use a large-barreled curling iron (curling away from my face), brush it out and let it fall where it wants. I don't fight it. If it wants to go left, or right... or somewhere in the middle, that's the style for the day. I lightly tease the top and twist all the layers together so it's not too big!

S-H: Do you use any special products (spray, gel, etc.) to keep your hair looking sharp?

KS: Since I highlight, I use purple shampoo once a week to keep it bright (Matrix has a good line of products).

S-H: In general, what's the biggest challenge you face, in keeping your hair in place?

KS: Doing live shots outside can make long hair a bit challenging (especially in windy spots). I tend to keep it all on one side of my shoulder so it doesn't have to be "perfect" or symmetrical (that was a tip one of my reporter friends gave me in Ft. Myers).

S-H: What would you say was the best hair day you've ever had.... and the worst?

KS: Best: My best hair days always happen at work because on my days off... it's usually in a ponytail, messy bun, or braids.

Worst: I tried to dye my own hair once (and inadvertently gave myself crazy tiger stripes in tennis ball yellow). Not a good look.

S-H: What advice would you give someone who wanted to develop Super-Hair, such as the styles you're showing these days?

KS: It's tempting to keep cutting length when you get bored or sad. Don't! Just trim for health and if you need a break from long hair, practice fun styles by watching YouTube videos.

S-H: Who would you consider to have the best head of hair you’ve seen -- in Colorado or otherwise?

KS: Corey Rose (KUSA - Denver) has great hair. Sally Mamdooh (KPRC - Houston) as well. I love long hair so I'm a little biased!

S-H: As we prepared this web page, we noticed.... your mother appeared on Denver TV as you grew up. Did you get any good hair advice (especially for TV) from your mom?

KS: She was on Denver TV for nearly 20 years! Funny enough... we have very different hair (hers is short and curly and brunette )... mine is wavy, long and blonde! The one thing we agree on for sure... low humidity helps!!

CONCLUSION: Kristen's hair may have taken a different path from her mom. But it's certainly a successful path. While she's had a couple of close calls on camera, we challenge you to find any cases where that long hair dropped to defeat. We had found none as we posted this (discovering one later). Wherever she lands, humid or not, people will have a tremendous head of hair to admire.

NOTE: Several new photos were submitted by Skovira and added at her request in September 2022. Thanks to NWT Group for some of our earlier vidcaps.


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