April 2001: Cindy Hernandez

We asked for your opinion on the various hairstyles of Cindy Hernandez. Over four weeks, our poll received almost 400 responses -- a Super-Hair record. Here are the results:

BETTER LONGER: 264 - 68%


Dozens of visitors also offered comments on Hernandez's hair. Here's some of what the "Longer" group said:

"Having watched her here in Chicago....I like her hair longer....She looks a bit butch now."

"The shorter hair makes Cindy look older and heavier. Hispanic women in the SW traditionally have long hair and it looks great!"

"I'm a news anchor as well and know the fuss that goes into hair. Although I like Cindy's hair longer, it may just be a matter of getting used to it...."

"Long hair=younger looking."

"UGH! Longer is better... Her head looks like an apple now."

"She looks like a tough 'butch' woman with it short. It's too short."

"I can understand her reasons for cutting her hair, but I think she looked better with longer hair. Her cut now makes her look harsh."

"I like it longer, but it's HER hair and my opinion counts for naught. As one who went through my own 'hair war' with viewers, I empathize."

"I like her with longer hair but the short look is okay. I'm in the business and I think it's crazy they took Cindy off the air for two days as an anchor...."

"Looks OK both ways, but longer was nicer."

"She looked better with the longer hair, but she should not have been taken off the desk! She looks great."

"I really don't care much, but I must say her face structure is such that she looks much better with long hair (round face/hair balances it out)."

"Yes, she should have the right to cut but, with all due respect, I think she looks better with longer locks."

"YUCK! I'm not watching her news."

In contrast, here are some comments from those who like the "shorter" look:

"I work in TV and I feel too much emphasis is put on hair....If she's confident enough to have a short do.....go for it! I wish I had more guts!"

"As a former tv news anchor (NYC market) I was always afraid to change my hairstyle. I salute Cindy for being bold and taking a chance. You go girl!"

"Petty..petty...she looks great!!!"

"I love it Cindy! Very sophisticated!"

"She looks very chic with shorter hair. Longer hair makes her look as though she is reporting for the farm channel. She looks absolutely fabulous."

"I like the Pixie look!"

"The shorter style is much more stylish."

"I USED to live in Albuquerque. I know how it is to want to be in style and 'up-to-date' in that town--YOU GO GIRL!!!"

A large number of comments focused on Hernandez's situation at the TV station:

"If it was a part of her contract then she probably should have consulted with management first, however, they over reacted by pulling her off air."

"What does Cindy's hair have to do with her job performance? NOTHING. Leave the girl alone and let her do her job."

"She should not have cut it without checking with her bosses first. It's TV news not TV show."

"As an anchor she owes it to the people who pay her salary to present a CONSISTENT on-air look. "

"It's hair--get over it!!!!"

"Would the same be said if a male anchor grew a beard or shaved on off--it's 2001. Management should get a life!!!"

"If she popped up one night with implants I'm sure that would be just fine!!!!! My, my how things never change!!!!!!!"

"She has the right to do what she wants with her hair! TOO MUCH EMPHASIS! on appearances, and not on how well she does her job!!!"

"I don't think it impacts her journalism skills or reporting abilities. That should be more important to her credibility...."

"If her hair is part of her contract, why in the world would she cut it without asking management?"

"Bottom line.... For Cindy to make such a dramatic change of on air look she really should have cleared it or at least mentioned it to management...."

"It should be HER choice if she wants to wear it shorter! Not management's choice. A contract shouldn't turn someone into an indentured slave!"

"I understand the management's point of view because they spend thousands of dollars promoting the on air talent and expect them to keep a familiar look."

"It's your what you want!"

"This whole thing is dumb. Cindy should be able to have her hair anyway she wants it. It's her hair! People just need to mind their own business."

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