The Ultimate 50

9. Gabriela Sabatini

HOMETOWN: Buenos Aires, Argentina

BORN: 5/16/70

PROFESSION: Retired tennis player, marketer

HER BEST STYLE: We had several to choose from, but the background photo shows the look we "love" most: a tempting thick mane that nestles on the shoulders. It appears deceptively untamed, but has well-controlled, carefully-cut feathery bangs.

HISTORY: Where Chris Evert made hair fans watch women's tennis a little, this head made them watch a lot. With a short cap style, she wore the hair unpinned during matches - and it gained a lot of sweat, yet never fell to defeat. But the control at longer lengths was even more stunning to see; although she tied it back or used a headband more often, the hair kept its basic set under pressure. Since she retired, the style has become longer and sleeker - and our web searching found a couple of very close calls. But it's still strong and attractive.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: When it comes to pro athletes, few displayed a riskier style while in competition - and very few kept the hair in place as well. As far as we're concerned, she retired much too soon.

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