The Ultimate 50

38. Maria Elvira Salazar


BORN: Unknown/61


HER BEST STYLE: A pageboy that's had varying lengths, but seldom covers her shoulders. We liked the longer look; she could tease it for control and use a soft curl, or sizzle the curl into place with an iron. More recently, her style on Telemundo and CBS Telenoticias has been much shorter.

HISTORY: This cut is marked by remarkable flexibility. In her years with various Spanish-language newscasts, she's fearlessly stood in windy conditions for live and taped reports - and while her hair has bent quite a bit, it's never completely cracked.

During one memorable half-hour, she appeared live several times from a wind-blown South Florida with a style much like our background photo. The breeze slowly wore down the pageboy, but bangs blew across the forehead and not in her eyes. Near the end of the newscast, the pageboy caved in - but she adjusted her head so the weakened style blew back, and her hair escaped officially unbeaten.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: While the style is attractive and risky, she's had more narrow escapes than some episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess. The numerous close calls lowered her position on our list.

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