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November 2003: The Sidewalls, Page 2

WENDY GRIFFITH is a reporter whose nice attractive style doesn't gain much attention at CBN News (as in The 700 Club). We think it should have more, because of how she uses an "S-turn" to shape a controlled wall of hair on the vulnerable right side.

This is the best vid-cap we have available of Griffith. The turn of the strands occurs at about the cheekbone, likely accomplished with a round-brush followed by spraying. In some ways it's like a pageboy, only the angle of the hair isn't as sharp.

We saw one CBN newscast where Griffith's S-turn came loose in the studio. A strip of hair was forward by about an inch, and quite noticeable from a side-view - yet the style didn't completely collapse, probably because of the weight of curl at the bottom of the S. She didn't even bother to adjust the flaw with a head-shake. (Had she been outside, things might have been different.)

JESSICA ALMENAS, a European model, gives us a better look at an S-turn, perhaps with slightly shorter hair. Note there's no slight bulge on the side, as there is with the McCombs curl. We'd guess the flatter method requires less spray. It does look like a more natural style - but either way, the shape is tempting.


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