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May 2014: Wings In Flight, Page 3

HEIDI lived in a wind-blown prairie town as a teenager. So with help from an unknown stylist, she developed bangs shaped into short wings. They were combed/flipped back, and probably sprayed to hold firmly on either side.

How interesting that Heidi made this her senior picture -- with the styling of the wings fully displayed. Several layers of hair are at work here. Each section may have been set separately using an iron. And Heidi was not afraid to have the section closest to her eyes on top.

This admittedly-blurry picture puts Heidi's Super-Hair to a wind test. The wings come forward -- but they stop short of her eyes, because the flips are solidly set. It probably would take one very strong gust to move those sides the final couple of inches. Even then, these wings would put put a fight. On the other hand, wind blowing in Heidi's face probably would do her hair a favor -- with the wings coming up and the shape of the style only being reinforced.

CONCLUSION: Wings can take some work - but for center-parted styles, they really do work. They can keep hair off of a woman's eyes, even on blustery days. And they can be effective at a variety of lengths and widths. They're not as common as they were in earlier generations, but they're a great way to build attractive-looking Super-Hair control.

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