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When a head of Super-Hair is on display, it's worth watching. When it's on display day after day and in risky situations, that earns special attention. This section of the site has a goal of providing it -- by keeping regular updates on how women with Super-Hair deal with the challenges they face, whether successfully or not.

ROBIN MEADE of CNN Headline News won a close poll to be our most recent subject. She wakes up cable news viewers and Hair Fans weekday mornings, with a style which has progressive become longer. The look above was displayed as she was nominated for the 2005 Crown Awards. (She won two of them.)

What could go wrong inside a downtown Atlanta studio, where she is most of the time? We're checking to find out....

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Mon, 5 Jun: By 11-5, Hair Fans say this watch should end. But we'll keep track of Robin as we're able, and let you know if anything unusual happens with her style. Check the two sites we've linked frequently below, to keep the watch going on your own.

Fri, 19 May: Put some of the right-side hair behind an ear for safety, and this is how the sleek style looks. It's not quite as risky, but still sharp-looking.

We've been watching Robin carefully for four months, and her hair has survived with a few narrow escapes. So as she apparently ends a week of vacation, we ask you if we should give her a break from our study....

Tue, 16 May: The sleek and smooth trend continues, with perhaps one inch of extra spacing around the right eye. She has to use this on this, doesn't she?

Mon, 15 May: This look is very similar, and equally high-risk. While half the right eyebrow is covered, the eye itself is not -- but a sudden right-to-left turn certainly would test this style's staying power, as there's really no room for bounce here.

Fri, 12 May: How daringly close to the eyes is this look? Well, maybe not as daring as you might think at first glance. Note her right check is turned toward the camera a bit, disguising exactly how close the hair is. She probably has more room than it appears, but not much. We'd guess Robin's hair is blown straight, instead of using an iron. Did anyone see how well this risky look held up, throughout the morning?

Tue, 9 May: For the first time in weeks, Robin dares to put the key to hair control at the crown, with a serious tease above the left eye and hair flipping forward and down from there. We suspect spray is also used, to keep her right side secure -- as the waviness only seems to kick in from chin-high down.

Mon, 8 May: There's a good bit of wave below the ear in this vidcap - but not really a lot of developed curl, although there are hints of it here and there.

Fri, 5 May: With curl rolling in instead of flipping out, we consider this look softer and more natural - better for Robin overall.

Wed, 3 May: A very similar look - but the left side flip doesn't seem to want to cooperate fully.

Mon, 1 May: This conservative look is pulled well back on Robin's left, tucked safely behind the right ear (even though the angle is invitingly close to the eye), and with a wide open flip. Noe a strip of left-side hair ends pointing toward Robin's neck; it might not be long enough to be flippible.

Fri, 28 Apr: Now the waves are practically gone - and attractively soft curls at the ends are all that remains. This is one of her best looks, if not the best.

Sometime during this week, Robin stepped outside the studio and took a flight with the Blue Angels aerobatic team. She did so with a ponytail which was very tightly arranged; when she put on a crash helmet, no flyaways could be found at all.

Thu, 27 Apr: The waviness seems to have weakened, as if it was left untouched from Monday. We say an "in-between" approach is not her best look.

Mon, 24 Apr: Plenty of waves are on display today. Note how they seem to be missing in the tucked-back part of the style; straighter is much more functional there. The twisting seems to start at the ears, and even twist in a bit toward Robin's neck.

Fri, 21 Apr: Now this is a safer look, and still an inviting one - with hair appearing tucked behind both ears, and almost feathered at the tips. It's soft precision at its finest.

Tue, 18 Apr: The concept is similar from the day before, but looking a bit looser and wilder. The style isn't rounded as much, resulting in a very sharp angle for hair dropping close to the right eye. Robin is daring us again - but from the few vidcaps we have, the gamble again pays off for her.

Mon, 17 Apr: How about this style to start your Monday morning? Hair is rounded to surround the face and neck, with seemingly only spray to keep the right side in line.

TV Heads lets Robin turn left for us, to show how perfectly the lines of hair are groomed. Are you reaching yet?

Reporter Caps shows Robin even daring to tip her head a bit, to risk the right-side hair toppling to defeat! Close -- but no.

Fri, 14 Apr: Robin goes for a high-risk look again. TV Heads shows her with a big wave, starting just above eye-level. This style apparently is not tucked back, and as a result....

look at what Reporter Caps captures during the morning! A strip of bangs (really too long to be called bangs in the strict sense) is loose, and incredibly close to the right eye! This hair can't be more than a half-inch from collapse!

Did any Hair Fans see this newscast - and can you tell us whether that strip of hair dropped completely in Robin's eye? Victory or defeat is at stake here!

Wed, 12 Apr: After a few days away and a few with up-do's, Robin returns to a style heavy on ear support -- yet with softly rolling curls below those ears. We'd lean toward saying a straighter approach on the bottom looks better.

Mon, 3 Apr: A Hair Fan goes to our message board specifically looking for shots of this style. The hair rather daringly is brushed forward on the right side, with subtle use of the left ear on the other side. It's soft, natural, looking quite risky - but TV Heads photos show no sign of this style getting in any trouble. It's one we'd long to see out in the elements, though, to give a true test of control and strength.

Thu, 30 Mar: The right side is back behind the ear on this morning. We have no idea why these daily changes are made, or even who makes them.

Wed, 29 Mar: Tucked on her left side, sprayed into a solid "wall" on the right - a little leaning to the left isn't going to pull Robin's great-looking style loose. We prefer the mere hint of a curl at the ends, for a more natural and less processed-looking approach.

Mon, 27 Mar: There's hair clearly behind Robin's left ear - and very subtly behind the right one, we think. A small strip is well obscured above her right eye. So tell us: should Robin flip those ends up or not?

Fri, 24 Mar: Fully tucked, and slightly flipped. Reporter Caps tends not to show many shots away from the anchor desk, and certainly not with hair in a lot of trouble.

Wed, 22 Mar: The tuck-back is back, and it appears the ends were hardly even touched. We think they're fine au natural.

Tue, 21 Mar: The "no-ears" approach returns - lifted a little at the crown on her left side, and with the right-side strip closest to Robin's eye pulled back and sprayed down strongly. At the top, it reminds us of Norah O'Donnell's pageboy when she stood outside the White House in an earlier watch. It's a look that can have good strength - and the brushing forward with no curl at the bottom makes the style appear soft as well. Talk about a great mix of hold and looseness!

Incidentally, we've heard from none of you about our "In or Out" question below -- so we'll show some mercy on Robin this time, and let the watch continue despite that close call.

Mon, 20 Mar: Can you spot the difference in this style from the picture below it? It's in the angle of the hair going toward the right ear. Robin takes a more rounded approach, curving hair toward our top left - while the 17 Mar angle is straighter, and almost turning in the opposite direction of the imaginery circle.

Fri, 17 Mar: Back to basics today - but the angle of the hair toward the righ t ear is a bit close to the eye.

Thu, 16 Mar: No tucking-back here - as Robin shows a style seemingly built on brushing-back and all-around spray. With a bit of crimping evident at the ends, this is a very risky look in terms of control. But if the spray held up, she was fine.

Wed, 15 Mar: Here's another great side view of Robin's hair. The ends are brushed forward a bit to create soft curls (as opposed to the full flip of other days) - and it's a very attractive approach for her.

Mon, 13 Mar: This tucked-back look actually seems a bit out of place to us, because of hair coming forward a bit near her right eye. It probably didn't fall all the way down, but it hurts the symmetrical appearance of the style.

By the way, can any viewers tell us if Robin mentioned her two Crown Award wins? We weren't able to watch.

Sun, 12 Mar: Robin Meade ties for the lead, by winning two Super-Hair Crown Awards! One is for Makeover of the Year - but perhaps more impressive is her win over perennial favorite Bonnie Bernstein for Best Hairstyle in Journalism.

Thu, 9 Mar: Robin regains her usual form this day -- with hair tucked back safely behind both ears.

Wed, 8 Mar: It's another very loose look for Robin. There's plenty of flip at the ends, but the top looks like it was sprayed into position with hardly any combing. Can this look hold up under television lights, over a three-hour newscast?

DEFEATED?!?! We want you to tell us. From this "Reporter Caps" picture, hair covers more than half her right eyebrow - and maybe part of the right eye as well! E-mail us with your opinion!

Mon, 6 Mar: TV Heads captures this surprising sideview at 8:06 a.m. ET. Robin's hair is down on the right side, looking uncurled, loose -- WEAK!

Here is how viewers saw the style one hour before, at 7:05 -- much neater with hair on the right ear, but still a quite relaxed look. If Robin had hair problems that day, no one alerted us to it.

Fri, 3 Mar: A look that's practically the same as the day before, only a bit neater at the tips.

Thu, 2 Mar: The hair is a bit more wrapped around Robin's head, for lack of a better way to put it. And a slight head tilt to her right lets us examine how she keeps hair behind the ear on that side. We have no word of it slipping down on camera.

Tue, 28 Feb: Hmmm - what is this Robin's showing next to her right eye? Is that a hint of bangs? That strip certainly looks shorter than everything else, yet still may be long enough to fall in the eye. This does deserve some attention....


Mon, 27 Feb: It's a "not much" day for Robin. Not much curl at the ends (in fact, the two sides seem a bit uneven), not much tucking of hair behind the right ear - and as a result, not much room for error on the right side. It looks like it's only an inch from her eye.

Wed, 22 Feb: Day Two with a similar look (both from Reporter Caps) - and you're tempted to wonder if she even bothered to reset the curls at the ends from the day before. It looks as if she let it progress naturally from one morning to the next.

Tue, 21 Feb: Here's a full flip at the ends, with the right side tucked behind an ear for good measure.

Thu, 16 Feb: How about a side view of this fine style? TV Heads provides one, showing Robin with what can only be called "feathering" of the hair from the ears down. It looks so temptingly delicate, so close to that right eye - but careful, gentlemen, she's married.

Wed, 15 Feb: Robin pins her hair back. We will not post these styles unless there is sufficient interest.

Tue, 14 Feb: A bright red outfit for Valentine's Day accentuates Robin's great hair that much more - tucked back behind the right ear, but blown-dry to be flowing at the ends. This look is growing in popularity, at least among TV journalists. On some women it seems too big because it's too long; for Robin it's just right.

Mon, 13 Feb: The hair comes off the right ear today, but it's combed well back (and probably sprayed back there, too). Keep in mind we only have limited access to vid-caps, so we don't know how enduring this style is through several hours under television lights.

Thu, 9 Feb: We thank Reporter Caps for this relatively conservative look. Robin's basic style is wrapped around both ears for control. We also like the balls of curl at the ends, which seem there for softness more than function. This is one of those days when we wish Robin was reporting, instead of anchoring -- so we could see this style move around a little.

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