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She may not appear on magazine covers in swimsuits as she once did. But Elle MacPherson is still a "supermodel" in the eyes of many Hair Fans. When we saw this curl-filled style displayed on a red carpet early in 2009, we suspected she'd be hard to beat in our second AAA Cup. After some hard fights, MacPherson indeed prevails -- giving Australia the crown as the best hair in Africa, Asia and Australasia!

MacPherson finished fourth in the 2005 tournament, then a very close second at Super-Hair World Cup II in 2006. She finally reached the top by winning a spirited final round over U.S. college student and Oman native Denise Ellison with a 57-percent majority. Voters praised both women for being the best of the tournament -- but one said of the Aussie: "Now I understand why they like riding the waves down under."

Padma Lakshmi captured the Consolation Final for India, which dropped one spot from the 2005 AAA Cup runner-up position. She crushed defending champion Amanda Coetzer of South Africa by a 79-percent margin -- giving India an automatic place in World Cup III, while South Africa falls short for now.

The AAA Cup began when we divided 12 countries into three groups in a live chat in April. Then came a week of national qualifying and six weeks of group play. Three group winners and a "wild card" advanced to the playoff round....

Blue Group

AUSTRALIA: Elle MacPherson.

The supermodel and businesswoman scored three wins, in what turned out to be a tough group.

Australia 8 points, Iran (Claudia Lynx) 6, Jordan (Queen Rania) 4, Nepal (Kiran Chetry) 1.

Green Group

OMAN: Denise Ellison.

This Notre Dame tennis player and South Bend, Indiana City League champion actually was born in Muscat, Oman. She topped Isla Fisher in national qualifying, then impressively dominated every match until the finals.

INDIA: Padma Lakshmi.

Our "wild card" entry was an actress turned celebrity chef. She outlasted 2005 Cup finalist Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in a qualifying match, then scored two easy wins in group play.

Oman 13 points, India 10, Rwanda (Immaculee Ilibagiza) 1, Ethiopia (Wayna Wondwussen) 1.

Red Group

SOUTH AFRICA: Amanda Coetzer.

The defending AAA Cup champion proved to be quite an escape artist this time. The retired tennis player received votes at the brink of extra time to escape Lara Logan in a qualifying match. Then she survived a group play defeat, winning the group on a tie-breaking head-to-head win over Japan. But when the playoffs came, she was dominated.

South Africa 7 points, Japan (Riyo Mori) 7, New Zealand (Toni Marsh) 6, Thailand (Kwintra Phothichak) 0.


1. United States 2. Australia 3. Mexico 4. Oman 5. Greece

6. India 7. Puerto Rico 8. South Africa 9. Belgium 10. Japan

11. Russia 12. New Zealand 13. Iran 14. Lithuania 15. Dominican Republic


Review the first AAA Cup of 2005.

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