The Ultimate 50

7. Natalie Allen


BORN: Unknown (around 1962)


HER BEST STYLE: Thick and tough, usually straight, apparently with spray to strengthen critical areas resting amazingly close to the eyes. Our background photo has the length we like most, even though it's a few years old -- shoulder-length or longer.

HISTORY: Whether her style is long or short, her years at CNN have been a classic example of the best in "anchor hair" -- tempting and quite attractive, yet immovable. Our online photo search found a few pictures with strands seemingly one millimeter off the eyes. Yet we only vaguely recall one outdoor assignment where this hair even flexed a bit.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: While some news anchors have styles so short and tight that they can't possibly move, this one looks like it could -- and even should. She errs on the side of feminine shape and length - yet her hair has the strength to back it up. Call it beauty that might bend, but never break.

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