The Ultimate 50

48. Carol Alt

HOME TOWN: Flushing, NY

BORN: 12/1/60

PROFESSION: Model, Actress

HER BEST STYLE: We contend it's when her thick long hair is curled. Her strong strands gain even more tempting texture. But the straight look still excites.

HISTORY: She's appeared in Cover Girl ads for years for a reason -- her good looks have aged well, and so have her good locks. She's used "hidden bangs" to keep her hair out of her eyes when need be -- and as strong as her hair is, that's not often. This strength faces weekly tests these days from savage tribes, on the TV show Peter Benchley's Amazon. A woman with "Alt-Control" that's proven hard to delete.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: We're not sure why, but she posted pictures on her old web site with her hair quite messed up. (Click here to see them.) Perhaps she's humble enough to admit no supermodel is perfect -- even if it bursts some admirer's bubbles.

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