The Ultimate 50

49. Susan Anton

HOMETOWN: Oak Glen, Calif.

BIRTHDATE: 10/12/50

PROFESSION: Singer, Actress

HER BEST STYLE: We had to hunt it down in a library for our photo -- the late-70's look from the movie Goldengirl. Her hair was long, loose and loaded with curl. For a better view of it,click here. More recently, the style has been shorter and flatter.

HISTORY: In her prime, she was for most men the dictionary definition of "blonde bombshell." While her long hair dangled invitingly, she took plenty of care with her movements to make sure it stayed in position while performing on TV or in Las Vegas shows. We have no proof, but we suspect she used plenty of spray to secure it as well.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: The very movie that made her a legend included scenes where she ran a series of sprints down a hallway with her hair loose and exposed. The exhaustive training for a dictatorship wore her out, and the style fell. One more reason to oppose Communism: great hair gets no respect.

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