B.M.O.C.: Best Manes On Campus - 2003-04

Colleges and universities, we're told, are all about getting an education. But let's be real here - they're also places for admiring women whose hairstyles are blossoming into their prime, and are well-prepared for a long day of studies and activities.

We contend some of the greatest heads of hair can be found on campuses, so we've set up a section of our web site to locate and display them. We're looking for your nominations of the "best manes," perhaps at the college in your town or the one you attend. (And trust us from experience: the best styles do not always belong to the cheerleaders.)


Another basketball player? Yes, but this senior wore this layered short style on the court during games - and only the most severe action might send hair flying toward her eyes. When we saw her final home game against Florida (photographed that day), she successfully distracted us from Carolyn Peck. [Posted 4/26/4]


You can guess from the jersey that this junior plays basketball (with a ponytail - how Hair Fans might wish otherwise). But the Oklahoma native is also a budding news reporter, who's filed stories for a local TV station. With no disrespect meant, she has the hair for the job. [Posted 4/8/4]


Dubbed "Wonder Woman" by American Cheerleader magazine for her strength workout, this junior's hair has great strength as well thanks to plenty of natural thickness. (Note to one of our critics: yes, we're allowing those micro-braids -- they're not too controlling.) We gave this athletic woman a 2003 Crown Award nomination. [Posted 3/11/4]


We had a couple of good choices here, but lean toward the junior basketball star who keeps long hair safe off the court - without the ponytail which bounces on it. Her appearance on a "CBS Sports Spectacular" left us overlooking her recent well-publicized family problems. [Posted 2/15/4]


She may not be leading cheers in her junior year, but that means the headbands are off and her mid-length style can be admired in its fullness. No one in Hokie-Land has challenged this 2002 Crown Award winner. She also won an all-BMOC competition in Cutting Edge Hair News in March 2004. Read our exclusive interview! [Posted 1/29/4]


She's only a freshman, but a Hair Fan praises her for having "beautiful long blonde hair." It may well be as strong as she is - and she's strong enough to hit double-figure home runs in softball, and be third-team all-state in Florida. [Posted 1/11/4]


Precision is a hallmark for this senior -- whether in the classical piano she plays, or the well-rounded short style which stays well behind at least one ear. She can handle both challenges with beauty and reliability. [Posted 12/30/3]


A sophomore with a style one web site calls "short and spiky," it was good enough to win her the 2003 Miss Montana pageant. It even put her on our Hot List. When the tips are curled or a bit of her right-side hair is tucked back, it can hold surprisingly well. [Posted 12/10/3]


This junior co-hosts a religious TV program for young adults called The Zone. And her hair seems to be there, too. It's long, blonde and conservatively controlled - which means it stays in place very effectively. [Posted 11/20/3]


A sophomore who's forward-thinking enough to be a local TV news reporter and have her own sophisticated web site, her "Breck blonde" straight hair rests invitingly close to the eyes - but from what we've seen, she keeps it out of her face well. [Posted 11/3/3]


If you see a great style on a campus, nominate it by writing us: . Please specify this is a "B.M.O.C." nomination. It will help if you submit a photo; we prefer .jpg attachments.

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