B.M.O.C.: Best Manes On Campus, 2008-09

Colleges and universities, we're told, are all about getting an education. But let's be honest - they're also places for admiring women whose hairstyles are blossoming into their prime, and are well-prepared for a long day of studies and activities.

We believe some of the greatest heads of hair can be found on campuses, so this area is dedicated to locating and displaying them. We want your nominations of the "best manes," perhaps at the college in your town or the one you attend. (And trust us from experience: the best styles do not always belong to the cheerleaders.)


A freshman from Arizona has nice long curls which she only releases occasionally. But there's a reason for her frequent ponytails - she's a golfer, and her uncle is named Tiger. [Posted 5/20/9]


This sophomore was described as "struggling," in a CNN report during the year on the costs of college. If she has to struggle to make her shoulder-length hair this attractive, it's definitely worth it. [Posted 5/20/9]


The story of her kidnapping is a U.S. legend, but she's now a junior majoring in music performance. Despite a major trim from a People magazine cover in 2008, we think this short cut remains attractive. [Courtesy Salt Lake Tribune; posted 5/12/9]


A sophomore who hopes to become a speech pathologist, her shoulder-length hair with balls of curls did the talking for her at the 2009 Miss USA pageant. She was the youngest finalist, and was fourth runner-up. [Posted 5/3/9]


She admittedly wears a bow in her long hair when she plays soccer -- she plays defense, after all. But the sophomore fought off five opponents, gaining dominance when the field was cut to four. [Final 4/26/9]

(Second through sixth place: Mallory Perkins, Rebecca Barnes, Lisamarie Coronado, Shawna McClurg-Madison Silver tied.)


This sophomore is a national-class synchronized swimmer, on a squad which won the 2009 national title. She has dreams of Olympic gold in 2012 - and her somewhat mysterious bangs already have helped her gain one prize, as the best hair in the Columbus City League. [Posted 4/3/9]


We found this distance-learning student (sorry, we didn't ask which school) working the evening shift at a Tennessee convenience store. We were struck by well-groomed thickness, as well as care of control by using ears and glasses. When the work gets busy, this hair barely gets mussed. [Posted 3/24/9]


She moved from southern California to the east coast, to major in business and play volleyball scholarship. A style which one voter compared to cable TV "teenager" Amy Jergens came from behind to edge fellow student-athlete Katarina Engler 9-8 in the final round. [Final 3/16/9]

(Third through fifth place: Ashley August, Abby Gruenbacher tied; Brittany Lehman.)


"Vote for the redhead!" one Hair Fan cried during a Minneapolis-St. Paul City League tournament -- and enough did that this senior outscored other entries from her campus, and finished tied for third. (She even placed above a classmate who made our Top Ten Tresses list.) She's a distance runner who runs with few pins on her medium-long hair, and a biology major who dreams of doing mission work as a doctor. [Posted 2/11/9]


She's not only the best on campus -- she won our City League competition in South Bend, Indiana. This sophomore from California plays on the tennis team, knows hair angles to win a national mathematics award during high school, and once started a "Good Guys Club" to promote kindness. Our compliments for outstanding hair! [Posted 2/2/9]


This junior majoring in public communications is a transfer from Alabama, and seems to be hiding a nice wavy look behind her shoulders. But she's a goalie on the soccer team, so she's used to thinking defensively. That approach dominated a five-woman contest, winning the final over Kayla Rahon 14-2. Lally also went on to lead our BMOC "Elite Eight" tournament for this term. [Final 1/22/9]

(Third through fifth place: Alicia McDermott; Stephanie Blagaich, Kelsey Hoinkes tied.)


A Hair Fan recommends the long waves on this senior biology major. She's listed on her championship-level college volleyball team as a "defensive specialist" -- and she'd have to be to keep this hair in line. [Posted 12/19/8]


The Spirit Squad roster does not include last names -- but she's a two-year member from Thousand Oaks, who's majoring in microbiology and dreaming of medical school. She outsmarted a dance team member named Jamie 14-7 in the final round of a six-way Spirit Squad skirmish, and won praise for stylish waves. [Final 11/27/8]

(Third through sixth place: Kristle, Lisa tied; Brianna, Kristin Bryan tied.)


This honor roll junior is majoring in "health and exercise science," and exercises often on the Sooner golf team. A high school valedictorian turned "Leadership Scholar" is bright enough with long hair to make it look great both straight and wavy -- and impressed voters enough to finish third in the City League's Oklahoma City contest. [Posted 10/26/8]


A sophomore who majors in mathematics education, this softball player turned out to be the best among a "starting nine" offered by a Hair Fan. She outlasted the much-praised strong sidepart of Ashley Davis in the final round 9-5....

....but look at the picture we found when we closed the finals. Moore apparently changed her cut, curves and color in recent months, as posted at the Troy web site. Does this deserve a rematch? Discuss on our message board. [Final 10/11/8]

(Third through ninth place: Kelly Harrington; Elena Gaudin, Kerri Heinz tied; Marcie Boyd, Cassie Lassiter, Nicole Targa, Jennifer White all tied.)


This junior has dreams of entering medical school, and has a body in prime enough condition to run on the track team in everything from 400-meter sprints to 3,000-meter endurance races. Her long hair with a hint of wave outlasted Mollie Schrank by a two-to-one margin, in the final heat of a six-way contest. [Final 9/9/8]

(Third through sixth place: Molly Meyer; Eileen Hughes-Ellen Neinhaus tied; Megan Keating.)

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If you see a great style on a campus, nominate it by writing us: . Please specify this is a "B.M.O.C." nomination. It will help if you can submit a photo; we prefer .jpg attachments.

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