B.M.O.C.: Best Manes On Campus: 2014-15


PENN STATE: Jadah Dear.

We're not sure what this sophomore's major is, but she's become famous far beyond campus as the online fashion model "Jadah Doll." One supporter on another campus says her curls are incredibly natural. And we love her quote: "Beauty without brains is like a masterpiece painted on a napkin." [Posted 5.14.15]

TENNESSEE: Claudia Coco.

A first-year student who plays volleyball well and keeps long curls in healthy shape even better. A future sportscaster beat established news anchors, to become the Knoxville City League champ. [Posted 4.30.15]


A rare college athlete who does not pin back her high-risk style, this junior who dreams of a rap music career was declared to have hair "on fleek" by an ESPN reporter as her basketball team reached the Women's Final Four. That put her on our Hot List, even before she came here. [Posted 4.30.15]

STEPHENS (MO): Suhey Campos.

This first-year student at a small women's college is majoring in integrated marketing. A Hair Fan with a taste for volleyball found she has a lot of "digs" - and we assume her hair digs in to hold when it counts. [Posted 4.16.15]

MISSOURI: Regan Peltier.

A Hair Fan found this junior playing on the school volleyball team. We don't know her major, but her thick blonde hair is a major asset for her. [Posted 4.2.15]

ALABAMA-BIRMINGHAM: Chandler Champion.

She impressed us at a Miss America competition as Miss Alabama 2013. And she hasn't backed off much as a senior majoring in dance and broadcast journalism - still showing medium-long curled hair tempting enough to get her invited to high school dances. [Posted 3.25.15]

INCARNATE WORD: Hailee Alaniz.

This first-year biology major plays third base on the college softball team, and was part of the "Texas Blaze" club during high school. Her blazing red hair may have helped her leave four other contestants in her smoke-trail. [Final 3.12.15]

(Second through fifth place: Angelique Vidaurri; Marissa Hooper; Samantha Aviles, Lizeth Escobedo tied.)

TEXAS: Sara Hattis.

This junior's major still is listed as "undecided." Perhaps that's because she's busy playing two varsity sports - volleyball and basketball. Her long blonde hair seems every bit as athletic as she is. [Posted 2.22.15]


She's a senior majoring in public relations/communications. She's also the student body president, and we can't help suspecting her great long hair helped her get elected. We're also thrilled to say she's followed us on Twitter for months, without our even searching for her. We're delighted to return the favor. [Posted 2.15.15]

PRINCETON: Shanna Christian.

A junior from Colorado is majoring in geosciences, and is a top pitcher on the softball team. She undoubtedly has plenty of practice with adjusting thick long hair in mountain breezes - and that tossed look led her to victory in a five-way fight. [Final 2.8.15]

(Second through fifth place: Sivan Krems, Ambika Singh tied; Blake Dietrich, Jesse McDonough tied.)

OHIO STATE: Kara Gust.

Forget all your stereotypes about college hockey players. This redshirt senior has played defense not only at O.S.U., but Quinnipiac - and her fabulous mid-length blonde hair finished second in a Columbus City League contest. Is she still planning a broadcast journalism career? If so, all the better for Hair Fans. [Posted 1.15.15]

YALE: Jacqui Levere.

A senior from California is majoring in medical and science history. But she's making history of her own, by winning gold medals in swim meets overseas -- and her wavy long hair makes her the first "Yalie" student we've posted. [Posted 12.31.14]

KANSAS: Taya Thonen.

"Curly since '95," this sophomore boasts on her Twitter feed - and we think that means since birth. Her gravity-defying Afro-style curls undoubtedly get people's attention during dance team routines. [Posted 12.9.14]

PENNSYLVANIA: Kylene Cochrane.

A freshman on the track team who dreams of becoming a physical therapist has won state titles in the 1,600 meters. And her red curls sent Hair Fans racing like few college cuts have in a long time. "AWESOME.... Best on the site this year," one wrote as Cochrane dominated Michelle Pereira 12-3. She verified that by winning our "Elite Eight" poll in December. [Final 11.27.14]


A Hair Fan recommends this first-year student who left Hawaii to play volleyball on the mainland. She was a multi-sport star in high school, and a few pictures indicate her long hair is ready to go big when the moment calls for it. [Posted 11.13.14]

WASHBURN (KS): Tori Devonshire.

A first-year student who's undecided on a major, but committed to playing big minutes on the college soccer team. She probably can defend long waves as well as her goal. [Posted 11.2.14]

COLLIN COLLEGE (TX): Farah Ammouri.

Our first-ever entry from a junior college is a sophomore studying genetic engineering. But she may look familiar to moviegoers, as she presents the Muslim perspective of Jerusalem in a National Geographic IMAX film. At the right theaters, you can see her long strong waves in 3-D. [Posted 10.25.14]

ARIZONA: Hannah Stevens.

A sophomore business major who's a defender on the soccer team. She defended long teased hair well, fighting off a challenge from fellow student-athlete Lindsey Weaver 13-7. [Final 10.17.14]

HENDERSON STATE (AR): Sarah Williams.

This senior has played on the college volleyball team and placed in the top five at campus pageants. But she now seems focused on entering a radio/TV career -- and spending a summer interning alongside Crown Award winner Jenny Anchondo certainly couldn't hurt the development of perfect curls. [Posted 9.27.14]

ST. ANSELM (NH): CC Chrisom.

A sophomore business major who was a volleyball star in high school, she slapped away five opponents (including last year's BMOC) in a tough four-week contest. She broke away to win the final round over Katelyn Gilhooly 15-5. [Final 9.19.14]

(Third through sixth place: Ashley Viselli, Teresa Russo, Jane Bunn-Catherine Morgan tied.)

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