B.M.O.C.: Best Manes On Campus


We realize head-turning Super-Hair can be found on college and university campuses, so this area honors those styles -- and 2015-16 marked our 13th season of BMOC's.

ALBANY STATE (GA): Kristen Randolph.

This junior marketing major is so athletic, she's on two campus teams - all-league tournament in volleyball, as well as tennis. Her long curls (we think natural) also can compete with the pros. She finished in the top four in an Albany City League contest. [Posted 5.19.16]

BAYLOR: Jenna Gaston.

We saw someone on the spirit squad with tremendous hair during the NCAA basketball tournament, but we weren't sure which woman it was. We posted three candidates, and Hair Fans decided this first-year business major with thick long waves had to be her. She gained a unanimous vote over Analise Fagan and Ashley Ripple. [Final 5.7.16]


A third-year arts major has mid-length hair that hopefully isn't too tied down by helmets when she plays on the school hockey team. She impressed us enough to make her city's City League field. And she makes history as our first-ever Canadian BMOC! [Posted 4.23.16]

DARTON STATE (GA): Lacy McClellan.

We make a rare dip into junior college ranks, as a first-year student majoring in biological science caught the attention of a Hair Fan. She dominated a three-way contest among softball players, gaining 82 percent of the vote. [Final 4.9.16]

(Second place: Harley Beck, Savannah Gabriel tied.)

NEVADA-LAS VEGAS: Dakota Gonzalez.

March Mane Madness struck the BMOC, as we brought sophomore twins who play basketball and record songs together. While we chose Dylan for the Crown Awards ballot, voters preferred "Kota" the communications major and her all-out curls by 4-2. [Final 3.26.16]

PACIFIC: Katrin Gotterba.

Hair Fans keep finding great hair on volleyball teams. This sophomore business major is praised as a "defensive wiz," and she seems to know how to defend her long hair from mussing equally well. [Posted 3.9.16]


A freshman from New York state went south to play soccer, and train to become a kindergarten teacher. Her strong blonde left-side flip could turn children into Hair Fans at a very early age. [Posted 2.27.16]

PENNSYLVANIA: Kylene Cochrane.

This sophomore has earned a second year in the BMOC's for a number of reasons. All she's done is win the Cup of the Americas for the U.S., reach the Super-Hair Wars semifinals, become #1 in the world in Top Ten Tresses - and somehow keep her hair out of her eyes in public through it all. [Posted 2.13.16]

TENNESSEE: Claudia Coco.

She was already the Knoxville City League champion. Now we think this sophomore journalism major/volleyball player has made her blonde waves even better, with a more layered look - definitely worthy of a second year among the BMOC's. [Posted 2.6.16]

ST. GREGORY'S (OK): Madison Faber.

A sophomore on a nationally-ranked softball team is majoring in "exercise science." She's apparently mastered the science of attractive long hair, as well - as she was voted the winner in a six-way contest. [Final 1.29.16]

(Second through sixth place: Shannah Daymude, Bryanne Knox tied; Ashlyn Broussard, Chula Chavez, Baylie Keith tied.)

COLUMBIA: Niha Masih.

This senior (or perhaps a Master's student) in the journalism school already has experience reporting news and writing essays in her native India. She says she's "focusing on conflict reportage," but no one's challenging her long hair here. [Posted 12.30.15]

WICHITA STATE: Dani Mostrom.

A junior majoring in health sciences has mastered the art of displaying attractive long curls. She tempts Hair Fans with them pulled back on the volleyball court, while an unpinned showing was impressive enough to win the Wichita City League title. She went on to dominate our "Elite Eight Week" voting as well, over seven other college styles. [Final 12.19.15]

BUFFALO: Madison Clark.

A Hair Fan offered a truly international field, with students from four different countries. The victory went to a first-year student from New York state, who's on the volleyball team with an unclear major. Her strong-yet-messy look dominated Dayana Agasieva in the final matchup 9-2. [Final 12.11.15]

(Third place: Rachel Barich, Laura Holtenbosch tied.)

SOUTH ALABAMA: Nicole Durham.

This junior from Louisiana hasn't decided on a major, but she's clearly decided to mix bangs and waves in an attractively creative way. She runs long distances on a conference-winning cross-country team, and outlasted nine other women to become Mobile City League champ during summer break. [Posted 11.21.15]


A hard-fought five-week battle involving eight women ended with a sophomore softball player emerging on top. The student-athlete with no declared major was praised by a voter for "amazing thickness," as she topped Sarah Williams 7-2 in the finals. [Final 11.11.15]

(Third through eighth place: Michala Wood; Callie Whetstone; Bradyn Wall; Ashley Caldarella, Dru Clark, Candace Tracy tied.)

MERCER: Betty Cantrell.

A junior majoring in music is claimed by this college, even though she admittedly is "putting her studies on hold." Becoming Miss America 2016 can do that - and Hair Fans hope her lengthy waves have hold as well. [Posted 9.19.15]

LEWIS (IL): Morgan Cebula.

A senior majoring in criminal/social justice writes on Twitter: "Dare mighty things, win glorious triumphs." She wins in volleyball, and now her lengthening blonde hair wins here by dominating a four-woman race. And for whomever left a scoffing comment about the entire field: she's on a modeling roster in her home area. [Final 9.12.15]

(Second through fourth place: Jamie Johnson; Abby Becker, Aly Schneider tied.)

COASTAL CAROLINA: Jodie Buddenbohn.

We asked graduating BMOC Eliana Padron to recommend candidates to take over her title. One of her choices was a fellow Alpha Delta Pi member - a sophomore from Maryland with a daring long sidepart, who won a three-way contest. [Opened 8.29.15]

(Second-third place: Coley McNutt, Alina Rose.)

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If you see a great style on a college or university campus, nominate it by writing us: . Please specify you're making a "B.M.O.C." nomination. It will help if you can submit a photo; we prefer .jpg attachments.

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