B.M.O.C.: Best Manes On Campus - 2018-19


Colleges and universities, we're told, are all about getting an education. But let's be honest - they're also places for admiring women whose hairstyles are blossoming into their prime, and are well-prepared for a long day of studies and activities.

We realize head-turning Super-Hair can be found on campus, so this area honors those styles. 2018-19 marked our "Sweet 16th" term of BMOC's.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Olivia Jade Giannulli.

Her first year of college has been filled with controversy - from jaunts on yachts to mother Lori Loughlin facing indictment for possibly bribing her onto the rowing team. But she's a beauty vlogger with nearly two million subscribers for a reason, as her attractive hair follows Mom's example. [Posted 5.18.19]

UCLA: Katelyn Ohashi.

She graduates with a degree in gender studies, 11 scores of a "perfect 10" in college gymnastics meets, one team national championship - and short unpinned curls that somehow seemed to stay out of her eyes throughout the bounciest routines. She set a great example for student-athletes to follow. [Posted 5.18.19]

YALE: Heather Malzahn.

She traveled from the suburbs of Oklahoma City to the Ivy League. She'll graduate as one of the top rowers in the country, and with a thick sidepart that became the newly-crowned City League hairstyle chamption of New Haven. [Posted 5.4.19]


This graduating senior with a pre-med major is a native of Israel. She went longer with her locks throughout her college career - and the longest look on the volleyball team earned her second place in a Charleston City League contest. [Posted 4.27.19]

IOWA: Megan Gustafson.

A Hair Fan suggested her before she won national awards as the top college basketball player of the season. This senior is moving on to the WNBA Dallas Wings - and as a business major, she may be able to negotiate her own endorsement deal for her thick long hair. [Posted 4.20.19]


Why the extra Y? We don't know. But we know this early childhood education major impressed our voters. The volleyball star who transferred from Oklahoma Baptist graduates this spring with a wavy blonde sidepart which finished second in a Kansas City City League contest. [Posted 4.10.19]


This term's #MarchManeMadness had eight women from one university, declared "a lot of great choices" by one voter. They eventually said "si, si" to a redshirt freshman soccer player from suburban Chicago with daring long hair. She won 77-percent backing from Hair Fans after the field was cut to four. [Final 3.30.19]

(Second through eighth place: Kayla McClure; Marissa Grant, Brianna Wallbridge tied; Grace Backus, Sarah Mitchell, Abbi Morrell, Megan Sivertsen tied.)

WISCONSIN-GREEN BAY: Oda Karlsen Bekkestad.

Ohhhh - the support for a nordic skier. The junior from Norway who calls herself a self-employed freelance journalist (majoring in media production) has classic Scandinavian long blonde hair, which won 60 percent of the vote in a four-way race. [Final 3.2.19]

(Second through fourth place: Mariah McDonough; Dorene Sanchez-Majorie Sloan tied.)

ST. BENEDICT (MN): Maddie Schmitz.

This sophomore must be smart, because she majors in physics. She must be athletic, because she averages in double figures on the basketball team. And she clearly knows about hair, because carefully-placed long curls got her nominated here. [Posted 2.16.19]

AKRON: Luisa Echeverry.

She traveled from Colombia to Ohio to study mechanical engineering and compete on the women's tennis team. Now this senior is an academic all-conference athlete, and was smart enough with her long hair to finish tied for third in a City League tournament. [Posted 2.2.19]

LOUISIANA TECH: Alexandra Augustyn.

A first-year student from Texas was a full-time starter on the soccer team by Labor Day, and made the all-conference freshman team. Her long waves off the pitch were admired by a Hair Fan enough to make our team as well. [Posted 1.23.19]

GEORGIA TECH: Leah Jackson.

We're not sure of this first-year student's major. But she's engineered some impressive natural nicely-controlled curls, which we understand have turned heads for years. They gained her a place in the most recent LaGrange City League contest as a high school student. [Posted 1.12.19]

MARSHALL: Megan Bonelli.

We make this choice knowing there's mystery surrounding it. She was a junior health science major during fall semester, as well as starting goalie on the soccer team. Her impressive adjustable long curls were voted Huntington City League champion. But her profile page on the roster suddenly vanished at the end of the season, and she went quiet on social media. We'll see where she surfaces next. [Posted 12.29.18]

CENTENARY (LA): Alyssa Davis.

She moved from Texas to Shreveport to play volleyball and major in political science. She says she drinks Body Armor before matches - which must explain why her long waves look so strong. [Posted 12.15.18]

PURDUE: Brooke Peters.

A senior majoring in sales management won over Hair Fans easily with a long sidepart and some back-combing. The volleyball star "killed" three opponents in our contest with 54 percent of the vote. [Final 11.24.18]

(Second through fourth place: Roxy Griffore; Madison Caruso-Emma DeHart tied.)

LOUISIANA STATE: Laryssa Bonacquisti.

The fifth-year senior has returned to campus, after a 2017 in which she was named Miss Louisiana, placed in the top seven at Miss America and won the Super-Hair Wars Champion Hairstyle of the Year title. Now her jaw-dropping long curls are on the anchor desk at Tiger TV, where she's also the News Director. [Posted 11.10.18]

ST. THOMAS (MN): Alyssa Wallace.

Our second Saint Thomas of the season goes not to an Alysha, but an Alyssa - a sophomore who majors in entrepreneurship and persues goals on the ice hockey team. Her long waves won a four-way clash of teammates - then was voted the "Elite Eight" winner for this term. [Final 11.2.18]

(Second through fourth place: Demi Cooper, Kelsey Milanovich, Maddy Fiedler.)


She only attends college during fall semester, because she's busy in the spring - serving in the state House of Delegates. In fact, long waves already have won this 22-year-old a Crown Award. [Posted 10.13.18]

MARYMOUNT (VA): Gabby Cabrales.

She's a starter on the soccer team, and a junior majoring in elementary education. Children may be distracted someday by her flowing shoulder-length hair, which gained 82-percent support in a four-way race. [Final 9.29.18]

(Second through fourth place: Callie Nguyen-Maggie Viniard tied; Sita Nair.)

MISSOURI: Raime Cohen.

A wavier style won this woman the Columbia City League title during 2018. But the softball player and television journalism major is going straighter with layers in her senior year. "Doe_Rai_Me" on Twitter is top-scale with us. [Posted 9.15.18]

ST. THOMAS (FL): Alysha Coyle.

Talk about a busy junior - as this young woman is both Student Government President and a utility player on the softball team. Yet the budding broadcaster finds time to keep long brown hair in good enough condition to win a four-way race with 89-percent support. [Final 9.8.18]

(Second through fourth place: Eneily Rodriguez; Andrea Gonzalez-Maria Iglesias tied.)

EAST CAROLINA: Madison Clark.

She was not only the BMOC at Buffalo, but a City League champion in 2016. Now she's a senior who's transferred south, starts on the volleyball team - and, based on her Instagram feed, seems to love long curls. [Posted 8.20.18]

We so often look to celebrities for the best and trendiest hair styles. Even celebrities like Olivia Jade Giannulli who have had their fair share of controversy, but continue to attract attention with their yachting lifestyle and social status, keep us intrigued. Who wouldn’t want gorgeous hair while cruising on yachts in Marina del Rey? College campuses have also been a hotbed of hair hysteria with many stylish athletes worthy of attention. Some college students have even started recreating famous movie hairstyles.

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If you see a great style on a college or university campus, nominate it by writing us: . Please specify you're making a "B.M.O.C." nomination. It will help if you can submit a photo; we prefer .jpg attachments.

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