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Colleges and universities, we're told, are all about getting an education. But let's be honest - they're also places for admiring women whose hairstyles are blossoming into their prime, and are well-prepared for a long day of studies and activities.

We realize head-turning Super-Hair can be found on campus, so this area honors those styles. Your nominations always are welcome; read how to submit them below.

ST. BENEDICT (MN): Myka Stave.

Her major is listed as "undecided." But a Hair Fan decided that the long thick hair of this junior is too good to ignore. And as a defender on the school hockey team, she should know how to stop anyone attacking it. [Posted 5.17.20]

NOTRE DAME: Lauren Heller.

A fifth-year senior from Ohio excelled as a swimmer. And her waves developed into excellent shape as well - good enough to be voted the City League champion of South Bend during her final weeks. [Posted 5.17.20]


This term would not be complete without a student who's willing to join the fight against the coronavirus. This sophomore nursing major did, by volunteering to help patients at a nursing home with a serious outbreak. Her nice mid-length hair may not have been unleashed there, but we hope it (and her) stay well. [Photo courtesy WKMS; posted 5.2.20]


You might think this name is phony, but a Hair Fan led us to a style that's quite legit. The freshman has long waves which must impress when she plays basketball and softball - and might distract in the classroom, as she pursues her nursing major. [Posted 4.25.20]

BOISE STATE: Mallory McGwire.

This may be a first: a woman who's a BMOC at two different universities! The redshirt junior transferred from Oregon, but is still tall and playing basketball - even if her impressive blonde hair now is a bit shorter. [Posted 4.11.20]

WEST FLORIDA: Abigail Williamson.

A first-year student from the Birmingham area is fast enough in the swimming pool to qualify for the national championship meet. And while we're not sure how long her hair really is (well protected by her shoulders), it was strong enough to win a City League contest for the best style in Pensacola. [Posted 4.4.20]


Our #MarchManeMadness incredibly replaced "March Madness" basketball tournaments - and this field hockey player with thick waves won. A first-year midfielder also played lacrosse in high school. She crushed five opponents, with 60 percent of the votes. [Final 3.20.20]

(Second through sixth place: Natalie Beaulieu, Gabrielle Kapuscinski tied; Sarah Mitchell, Mayleigh Vanderbeek, Brianna Wallbridge tied.)

BELMONT: Grace Smith.

A Hair Fan found this redshirt sophomore English major in the stands at a baseball game. Her curls looked superb, and protection with a ski cap made them seem even softer. It turns out she's a basketball player, and often pins the hair down on the court. But wouldn't you want to get that cap off to see what's really underneath? [Posted 2.29.20]

DUQUESNE: Maiah Yankello.

She works for PPG, is majoring in Information Systems Management and Marketing - but she also can run a 400-meter dash in under a minute and compete in long-distance cross-country meets. Going red with her hair for her final year won over our voters, who gave her two-thirds support to win a four-way contest. [Final 2.22.20]

(Second through fourth place: Kiersten Elliott; Elizabeth Giglia, Brooke Hutton tied.)

CLEVELAND STATE: Briana Niedermeier.

She's a physician assistant, a senior majoring in health science, a starting midfielder on the soccer team - and cutting her long hair and adding some waves shows she her style smarts as well. She wound up second in a Cleveland City League contest. [Posted 2.8.20]


A junior on the golf team has kept medium-long hair above-par (OK, bad metaphor) since arriving from Ohio. She raced to 67-percent support to win a four-way fight. [Final 2.1.20]

(Second through fourth place: Abbey Hillman, Kyrsten Pellikan, Taylor Venuto tied.)

BELOIT (WI): Kayla Erickson.

A junior from southern California traveled to Wisconsin to play soccer. That's about all we know about her - except that a Hair Fan knew what to like about her long straight hair. [Posted 1.18.20]


Come after the long wavy hair of this junior business administration major, and she might throw a hammer at you. She does that on the track team, as well as toss the discus and put the shot. She also puts lettuce on sandwiches at a Subway shop to pay for college - and she puts her styles in place well enough to become the City League champ of Cape Girardeau. [Posted 1.4.20]


This senior in the honors program plans to graduate with a biology major and a psychology minor. She ended her college soccer career with three goals in six starts. And the Hair Fan who suggested her apparently thinks her thick mid-length sidepart is on target as well. [Posted 12.28.19]

ST. THOMAS (MN): Alyssa Wallace.

A two-year honor goes to this junior hockey player. She's adjusted her major to international finance, with a high GPA. But she smartly hasn't adjusted her long hair much - and that's fine with our voters, who made her the City League champion of Minnesota's twin cities. [Posted 12.21.19]

OREGON: Lydia Giomi.

A redshirt junior who has studied in Spain, she plays on a highly-ranked basketball team with long blonde hair which scored well with a Hair Fan. Look up her team roster to see how stunningly long it is - as long as her six-foot-six frame. [Posted 12.14.19]


We're not sure why, but this redshirt sophomore has been on a wild ride - less than one semester at Akron, then announced as transferring elsewhere in Ohio. Now she's in the Rockies, waiting to play tennis with long hair that led a City League vote early in 2019. She also led this term's "Elite Eight" showdown of college styles. [Posted 11.23.19]


She's #1 on the volleyball team roster, and apparently with hair quality as well. A redshirt sophomore from Texas with a mysterious major has added a bit of wave every season, making her long hair stronger and stronger. [Posted 11.9.19]


This campus's first Honors College includes this first-year student in civil engineering. A Hair Fan considers her well-consructed curls a "Butte," but they're probably tied back when she plays on the volleyball team. [Posted 10.26.19]

MURRAY STATE: Gracie Oakley.

We don't know her major, but we know this first-year student is a Kentucky native whose long hair seems strong and who plays the flute. She's a reminder to all sports-minded Hair Fans: don't overlook the bands. [Posted 10.12.19]

ROCKHURST (MO): Madeline Donnelli.

A first-year "defender" on the soccer team has long wavy hair that many Hair Fans would long to attack. She fought off Courtney Chitwood and Morgan Hutchinson to win a three-way test with 56-percent support. [Final 10.5.19]


This little-known school picked up a big-name freshman - the 2019 Miss Teen USA, whose natural curls are so stunning that she's a strong member of the Top Ten Tresses list. And she would be satisfied to be a nurse?! [Posted 9.21.19]

PORTLAND: Tara Fuiten.

A sophomore who combines long hair and high speed, as she's a sprinter on the track team. She nosed ahead of a four-woman pack, winning a three-way final with 40 percent of the vote. [Final 9.14.19]

(Second through fourth place: Ellee Becker, Maya Murphy-Cook tied; Emily DeMots.)

WATERLOO (ON): Phoebe Wolfe.

A third-year student in Canada combines the smarts of a political science-speech communications double major with the speed of a sprinter on the track team. And her long waves spent the summer winning a local City League title, then reaching the All-Star Challenge finals in the fall. [Posted 8.24.19]

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If you see a great style on a college or university campus, nominate it by writing us: . Please specify you're making a "B.M.O.C." nomination. It will help if you can submit a photo; we prefer .jpg attachments.

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