B.M.O.C.: Best Manes On Campus - 2020-21


Colleges and universities, we're told, are all about getting an education. But let's be honest - they're also places for admiring women whose hairstyles are blossoming into their prime, and are well-prepared for a long day of studies and activities.

We realize head-turning Super-Hair can be found on campus, so this area honors those styles. The 2020-21 term was affected by COVID-19, but we had plenty of B.M.O.C.'s in our 18th season.


This junior is quite a traveler: high school in metro Kansas City, one year at Arizona State, then a transfer to southwest Florida. But she has strength, as an exercise science major - and her mid-length waves were strong enough to defeat some serious competition and become Fort Myers City League champion. [Posted 5.20.21]

INDIANA: Grae Gosnell.

A Hair Fan was desperate for us to add this sophomore from South Carolina in this season. She's in the pre-med biology program, plays on the volleyball team - and her waves seem almost as wide as a volleyball court. [Posted 5.20.21]

IOWA STATE: Kylie Feuerbach.

This first-year "Cyclone" caused a storm in some quarters, by announcing plans to transfer to rival Iowa. But this basketball star has a strong heritage, including a father who once held the world record in the shot put. Her mid-length hair was strong enough to win a three-way contest with 56-percent support. [Final 5.13.21]

(Second-third place: Abby Greiman, Madison Wise tied.)

STANFORD: Lexie Hull.

From the team that beat Aari McDonald in the national women's basketball finals, this junior is an all-conference guard. The Hair Fan who suggested her long waves gave no explanation, but she has a double major in management science and engineering - and a "double" twin sister who's a teammate. Our sympathies for her not being mentioned. [Posted 5.1.21]

SIENA: Katrina Kurtz.

A sophomore psychology major and soccer player outwitted the competition in an eight-way scramble. Her long hair proved to be stronger than Abigail Chai-Onn in the final round, winning 7-6. [Final 4.24.21]

(Third through eighth place: Sarah Duggan, Allison Hill, Dakota Jackson, Sydney Lautenslager, Kit O'Hara, Nanea Perkins tied.)

ARIZONA: Aari McDonald.

This record-breaking senior basketball player led "Aari-zona" within one point of the the 2021 women's national title. Before that, she tied for second in Crown Award voting for Best Hairstyle in Athletics. While we're not sure of her major, her next job may be in the WNBA. [Posted 4.3.21]

NORTH CAROLINA: Niki Khoshatefei.

There may be "hate" embedded in her name, but Hair Fans like the medium-long hair on this sophomore who transferred from Maryland-Baltimore County. The potential psychologist and perfect-grade high school grad won a three-day "March Mane Madness" battle of volleybll players, gaining 56 percent of your votes. [Final 3.25.21]

(Second-third place: Aziah Buckner, Aristea Tontai.)

TRENT (ON): Jade Butterworth.

Our most recent virtual trip to Canada introduced us to this third-year student majoring in sociology. She also plays on the volleyball team - and even though its season was canceled due to COVID-19, her long hair was competitive enough to become Peterborough City League champion. [Posted 3.13.21]

GONZAGA: Katelyn Oppio.

The second Challenge Round in BMOC history pitted two volleyball teammates against each other. A redshirt senior majoring in business and finance made voters "zag" away from champion Zoe Thiros 8-3. [Final 3.6.21]

December 2020: Zoe Thiros.

She follows her mom's tradition of college volleyball stardom, albeit in Washington instead of Idaho. And this human physiology major dreams of becoming a surgeon. Healthy mid-length hair made her our first Spokane City League champion.

NEW ORLEANS LOYOLA: Madelynn Chavez.

A four-way contest timed by a Hair Fan to fall during Mardi Gras ended with a junior tennis player on top. The political science major outvoted Chloe Benoit 4-2 in the final showdown, with one voter explaining it was a choice of "natural color." [Opened 2.20.21]

(Third-fourth place: Gracie Bailey, Anna Sawrie tied.)

OKLAHOMA: Removed at request of honoree 2.21.21.

ST. FRANCIS (PA): Catherine Russo.

One voter admitted at this school, "had to study... for a while before I chose" among six contenders. A 70-percent majority went for this junior majoring in health sciences, who's a goal-a-game scorer on the lacrosse team. Be careful attacking her long hair, because she's an "attacker" on the field. [Final 1.23.21]

(Second through sixth place: Ashley Cichon; Gabby Krug, Kaitlyn Maxwell, Kahla Sutherland, Paige Theobald all tied.)

KANSAS: Katherine Lauer.

A sophomore with a pre-dental major in biology, she made news in the fall when she was disciplined by her sorority for a post on social media. Hopefully we have the freedom of speech to praise her attractive well-prepared "Greek hair" - which we mean as a compliment. (She even was praised for it by someone else on Facebook.) [Posted 1.9.21]


Our first trip here in 10 years had four competitive candidates. A sophomore biology major from North Carolina came from behind to win a spirited final showdown 8-7 over McKenzie Rizqi, even though Rizqi gained more of the compliments from commenters. [Final 1.2.21]

(Third-fourth place: Madi Garza, Ashley Johnson tied.)


Working on a Master's Degree in nursing as she treats COVID-19 patients in a big city, she's also earned conference Co-Player of the Week honors during her redshirt senior soccer season. Her sturdy straight style won a six-woman contest, edging Samantha Agresti by a 56-percent margin in the finals. [Final 11.28.20]

(Third through sixth place: Zoie Allen, Torey Baum tied; Allie Augur, Becca McCourt tied.)

YALE: Maya Sharp.

Try to chase down this thick head of long hair, and she'll outrun you. The junior from California competes in 400 and 500-meter sprints, but stops to care for the children of cancer patients. Brains, beauty, competitiveness and compassion combine for the City League champion of New Haven. [Posted 11.7.20]

SIENA HEIGHTS (MI): Bridget Sacca.

Not many college newspapers have Fashion Editors. But this junior has that title, as well as a spot on the "competitive dance" team. The elementary education major's long hair was more competitive than the rest, as she shut out the political-sounding Madison Hamilton 6-0 in the finals of a five-way race. [Final 10.31.20]

(Third place tie: Milah Loose, Emma Winter, Kelsey Wyman.)

EVANSVILLE: Kayla Casteel.

This senior is a finance and marketing major who's working as an insurance assistant. But she may be best known for basketball skills and long blonde hair. They combined for several GIFs and made her the local City League champion for several weeks. [Posted 10.10.20]

SACRED HEART: Josephine La Marca.

A sophomore from the New York City suburbs has yet to take the field for the soccer team. But her long straight style proved it was ready to compete with anyone, as she won a six-way contest with 71% of the Week 2 vote. She later emerged as the winner of our fall "Elite Eight" week among numerous BMOC's. [Final 10.3.20]

(Second through sixth place: Britney Jahrmarkt, Kathryn White tied; Julie Gallotto, Ava Giamanco, Hyzell Lim tied.)

ADELPHI (NY): Emily Whitman.

A junior nursing major, who hopes to play on the softball team again when it's safe. Teasing on top and flip-backs on the left side help keep her long hair long-lasting. [Posted 9.8.20]

NORTHWEST (WA): Lili Parman.

She's bright enough to graduate from both high school and community college at the same time! This honors student also sings "special music" at church services, is a strong badminton player - and well-prepared long blonde hair simply completes quite a package. [Posted 8.27.20]

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