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OK, we admittedly edited the headline suggested by one Hair Fan: "Boston's Burping Beauty Beats Blemished Bonnie Bernstein!" But we had to trim it, to pull out the largest headline font in our arsenal and mark an epochal moment in Super-Hair history. For the first time in eight years, sports anchor Bonnie Bernstein has lost a head-to-head matchup on this web site! Boston TV journalist Victoria Warren conquered the 20-time Crown Award winner, in Challenge of Champions VIII!

By our count, Bernstein had won 29 one-on-one contests in a row since the 2002 Super-Hair Wars season -- from Top Ten Tresses mainstay Alexandra Steele to fellow Hair Fan's Hall of Fame member Rudi Bakhtiar. And Bernstein jumped to a two-thirds lead early in our Challenge, as if nothing had changed. But Warren and her backers battled back, and she seized the lead early in week two. Bernstein rallied from behind at the wire to win last year's Challenge -- but Warren's advantage kept growing wider, as if she knew she couldn't afford to let up and had to finish off the champion beyond all doubt. When the deadline came 30 January, Warren had a convincing winning margin of 62.5 percent!

Like Boston Red Sox fans breaking a New York Yankee curse, the "anti-Bonniephiles" have waited a looooooong time for this moment. So they rejoiced about it in our comments section, but with some constructive criticism included:

"Looks like Bonnie is going down in flames.... It's nice to see her not winning for a change."

"Someone needs to hook Bonnie up with Locks of Love."

"The problem is Bonnie has no style. She has long hair that just hangs there with no style to it."

"I think the style works well for her. I just like Victoria's look a little more."

Warren's historic win means she will become the target for the next Challenge of Champions, against the 2009 Wars champ. The search for that style is only beginning....

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