City League

We search the world to bring you the greatest, most enduring celebrity hairstyles. But it occurred to us that Super-Hair might be hiding in your city, away from the national and international public spotlight. To honor those styles, the City League was born 20 years ago.

We're looking for the best hair in your town. It could be a local celebrity. It could be a co-worker, classmate or friend you know. Whoever it may be, we want to crown local Super-Hair champions around the world. (Check the list below for cities of special interest to us.) Where we have more than one top style in a city, we hold a competition like Super-Hair Wars to determine the best one.

The City League searches the "Sooner State" for the first time since 2012. LAWTON, OKLAHOMA is a large city located next to the Fort Sill Army base - so which styles have you standing and saluting?

Left-Right: Makenzie Burk, Emma Nunley.

Our usual Super-Hair Wars rules apply. If these women came together in a showdown, which style would win?

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WEEK 1: Phoebe Florian, Sierra Mckinnon, Emma Shepherd, Cynthia Sosa, Lexie Walker eliminated, 0% each.

WEEK 2: Donalynn Blazek-Scherler, Alexis Young eliminated, 0% each.

WEEK 3: Kimberly Barret eliminated, 17%.

FINALS DEADLINE: Saturday night, 22 June (Lawton time).

Voting filter is ON, after it was off in Week 1.



An incredible "west of Texas standoff" developed to fill a vcant title. Two college students were deadlocked for more than a week. What one voter called a "very tough choice" ended after more than four days of extrs time, as this soccer forward outgunned softball player Jillian Taylor 4-3 (57%).

(Third through tenth place: Thea Masselink; Aspen Aldous, Sydney Broderick, Anayancy Campos, Rilen Garcia, Becki Graham, Ariana Parra, Jennifer Vega Brown tied.)



We are seeking candidates for upcoming City League tournaments around the world - with special emphasis at the moment on these cities:

Palm Springs, CA

Wheeling, WV

Athens, GA

Medford, OR

Bluefield, WV

Jackson, TN

Twin Falls, ID

Grand Junction, CO

Port St. Lucie, FL

Clarksville, TN

Superior, WI

Morgantown, WV

Sudbury, ON

Opelika, AL

Madisonville, KY

Destin, FL

Eufaula, AL

TO NOMINATE SOMEONE FOR A CITY LEAGUE HONOR, simply e-mail . If someone's picture is not posted online, we may need you to submit a current photo; we accept .jpg, .png and .gif attachments. Please specify you are making a City League nomination. Challenges to current local champions are welcome as well.

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