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The 17th Annual Crown Awards


Weeks of open nominations and weeks of voting led to Super-Hair's biggest event of the year on 16 March 17, as we named the winners of 2016 Crown Awards in a live conference call. Thanks for your input - and congratulations to all our winners!

Best Short Hair: Amy Robach.

After two years of ties, this time there was no doubt. A co-host of Good Morning America shined brighter from start to finish.

Robach 53 percent, Alisyn Camerota 21%, Erin Buchanan 16%, Dylan Dreyer 9%.

Best Long Hair: Samantha Ponder.

A co-host of ESPN college football and BattleBots outfought other outstanding styles, to win this top prize for the second year in a row.

Ponder 40 percent, Ayden Mayeri 25%, Lisa Guerrero 19%, Joanna Gaines 11%, Katharine McNamara 5%.

Best Curls: Jaymee Sire.

ESPN does it again, as the morning host emerged from a tight pack to win her second consecutive Curl Crown.

Sire 28 percent, Jillian Hersey 25%, Misty Mills 25%, Minnie Driver 11%, Rachael Price 11%.

Best Bangs: Felicity Jones.

The British Star Wars star may have gone "Rogue Week One," placing third in early voting. But she stormed ahead at the end.

Jones 47 percent, Melissa Rauch 23%, Jess Walton 22%, Noel Wells 6%, Jameela Jamil 1%.

Best Hairstyle in Athletics: Jordy Warren.

Loyal Louisianans may have given this Northwestern State soccer star a winning boost. She's the first college athlete to win this award since 2008.

Warren 35 percent, Alex Morgan 30%, Christian Press 22%, Mandy Leon 9%, Eugenie Bouchard 4%.

Best Hairstyle in a Movie: Amy Adams.

Hair Fans may have turned into Nocturnal Animals, to push this actress to her third win of this category in five years.

Adams 29 percent, Teresa Palmer 24%, Margaret Qualley 22%, Alison Brie 13%, Jennifer Lawrence 11%.

Best Hairstyle on Television: Sarah Rafferty.

"Stunning," one voter wrote about this actress on the cable TV drama Suits. A British model who appears in podcasts was a surprising runner-up.

Rafferty 40 percent, Casey Batchelor 25%, Mary Elizabeth Winstead 25%, Michelle Hurd 9%, Joanna Gaines 2%.

Best Hairstyle in Music: Lee Ann Womack.

Country music fans rallied around a veteran singer, while a hair-famous pop star was scorned in comments for wearing extensions.

Womack 49 percent, Nicola Roberts 18%, Tori Kelly 17%, Selena Gomez 11%, Rachael Price 6%.

Best Hairstyle in Journalism: Sara Eisen.

She says her "first love" is foreign exchange at CNBC. But voters love her ways with blonde hair. One voter wrote prophetically, "No one can beat her."

Eisen 47 percent, Lauren Vizza 32%, Alisyn Camerota 12%, Betty Liu 10%.

Newcomer of the Year: Tania Raymonde.

She's had TV roles since she was 12, but a one-time actress on Lost finally was found by Hair Fans thanks to the Amazon Prime series Goliath.

Raymonde 36 percent, Elsa Zylberstein 20%, India de Beaufort 16%, Ayden Mayeri 14%, Paige Turco 14%.

Best Blonde: Samantha Ponder.

A second Crown for the ESPN reporter, and a second consecutive win of the Blonde prize. But an actress came close to giving her Royal Pains of doubt.

Ponder 47 percent, Brooke D'Orsay 32%, Vanna White 12%, Kim Sears Murray 8%, Blake Lively 1%.

Best Brunette: Ayden Mayeri.

A comic actress who had a breakout year on our site. A big cut during the voting by the defending champion may have plunged her to third place.

Mayeri 52 percent, Gina Torres 19%, Alison Brie 15%, Casey Batchelor 10%, Alice Greczyn 4%.

Best Redhead: Sarah Rafferty.

Two Crowns for the Suits star, along with praise from one voter for hair that's "truly wonderful."

Rafferty 33 percent, Julia Boorstin 29%, Nicola Roberts 16%, Karen Gillan 11%, Katherine McNamara 11%.

Makeover of the Year: Betty Nguyen.

A big cut by the NBC News anchor is rewarded with her first Crown since 2010.

Nguyen 49 percent, Lily Collins 24%, Robin McGraw 14%, Rena Sofer 8%, Orianthi Pangaris 4%.

Best Hair in Science/Meteorology: Kelly Cass.

The Weather Channel meteorologist's amazing hair survived a demonstration inside a hot car during 2016. She wins what one voter called a "tough category" for the third time in four years.

Cass 58 percent, Kait Parker 19%, Kylee Miller 13%, Tracey Anthony 5%, Linda Church 5%.

Best Hair in Politics/Government: Kathleen Kane.

How many people voted for this woman, realizing she's the former Pennsylvania Attorney General who's heading for jail due to a perjury conviction? Either way, she received the highest percentage of any Crown winner.

Kane 63 percent, Ursula Van der Leyen 16%, Tulsi Gabbard 13%, Kamala Harris 7%, Jaime Herrera Beutler 1%.

Best Hair in Sports Reporting: Samantha Ponder.

The ESPN reporter winds up a "triple Crown" winner, and now has six in three years. But this was her closest contest of all.

Ponder 41 percent, Nicole Briscoe 39%, Jaymee Sire 20%.


She jumped from college to WeatherNation, and jumped to top-of-mind among "Kylee Nation." She had the highest vote counts of the year, a five-match winning percentage of 422.9, and combined with Victoria Warren for a highly-competitive Challenge of Champions which gained the most total votes ever.

Jones, Raymonde photos courtesy Wireimage.


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