The 2000 Crown Awards

Hair Fans nominated their favorites during the fall. They voted during the winter. And on Monday, March 26, we announced the WINNERS of what we hope will become an annual Super-Hair honor -- the Crown Awards! Our thanks to all of you who participated in the voting!

BEST SHORT HAIR: MARTINA McBRIDE. The country singer, who can make her style layered and sexy or smooth and classic, was a runaway favorite. (In fact, she has the highest percentage of any winner!)

McBride 60%; Kate Winslet 20%; Dorothy Hamill 8%; Michelle Williams 6%; Danae Roberts 5%.

BEST LONG HAIR: FAITH HILL. Well, it used to be before this year's Grammys. The singer who made this past year's Super-Hair Wars Finals edged out another woman of many lengths, Jennifer Aniston.

Hill 40%; Aniston 35%; Jessica Alba 13%; Lisa Ling 7%; Carolyn Peck 2%.

BEST CURLS: DEBRA MESSING. This was a two-woman race between NBC stars. In what might be called a surprise, the "Will and Grace" star whose hair is naturally straight beat the natural twists of "Providence."

Messing 45%; Melina Kanakaredes 40%; Gisele Bundchen 7%; Sarah Jessica Parker 5%; Melissa DeSousa 1%.

BEST HAIRSTYLE ON TELEVISION: JENNIFER ANISTON. The woman who inspired TV Guide's "Big Hair Issue" still has lots of support. But the host of "Extra" made a statement, with a strong second-place showing. As one voter wrote: "Love Leeza's lifted crown."

Aniston 50%; Leeza Gibbons 32%; Lisa Ling 9%; Kathleen Bradley 2%; Judy Fortin 2%.

BEST HAIRSTYLE IN A MOVIE: ASHLEY JUDD. The star of "Where the Heart Is" had the best head here. One voter wrote: "It is sleek and short, yet still looks feminine."

Judd 48%; Winona Ryder 31%; Drew Barrymore 10%; Jenna Elfman 10%.

BEST HAIRSTYLE IN MUSIC: FAITH HILL. She "breathed" easier in this category, coasting past an old Super-Hair Wars nemesis. (Is there a rivalry brewing here?) Hill is the only "Double Crown" winner!

Hill 58%; Jessica Simpson 27%; Whitney Houston 10%; Cecelia Bartoli 1%; Louise Mandrell 1%.

BEST HAIRSTYLE IN ATHLETICS: DOROTHY HAMILL. This was one of the closest races of all - but the veteran with the indestructible wedge edged the curls of an Olympic diving champion.

Hamill 41%; Laura Wilkinson 39%; Venus Williams 16%; Carolyn Peck 2%; Serena Williams 0%.

NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR: ANGIE HARMON. This was the most wide-open category of all, but the prosecutor on "Law and Order" finally won the verdict.

Harmon 27%; Jessica Simpson 22%; Angelina Jolie 20%; Lisa Ling 18%; Danae Roberts 11%.

BEST NEW ORIGINAL STYLE: GINA TOGNONI. The "Swing Bob" displayed by this actress on "One Life to Live" edged out a star of "Roswell."

Tognoni 40%; Katherine Heigl 33%; Colleen Haskell 15%; Melissa McDermott 6%; Tyle Daly 4%.

SUPER-HAIR WARS 2000 CHAMPION: MEG RYAN. She wins a Crown Award as well, after going undefeated in six head-to-head matchups. Her average winning margin was 67 percent!

How can we make the 2001 Crown Awards even better? As always, we welcome your comments:

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